Google Home Allegedly Gaining Support For Apple Music

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Image for Representation (File Photo)

According to Google's iOS smart speaker application and a MacRumors source who spotted the not yet functional service listing, the Google Assistant will soon support Apple Music.

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A MacRumors reader spotted an Apple Music listing within his iOS Google Home app, but currently, the service is not yet functional nor can users log in to the platform; Right now, when a command is made for Apple Music, the Assistant simply responds with "Voice actions aren't available for that app."

Potential Apple Music integration with the Google Assistant isn't entirely unheard of, though: previously, Apple Music had been listed on Google software, but it was listed in a "limited availability section" as "only available on iOS devices." Now that the service has appeared beside Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer, it's likely that it will become available sooner rather than later.

Once the integration is live, users will be able to use "Hey Google" commands to control Apple Music playback on Google Home devices -- or any Google Assistant-compatible speakers -- in the same way that became possible with Amazon Alexa devices last year.

Considering that Apple Music is also already available on Android phones, it's only natural that it comes to the rest of the lineup to complete compatibility. Afterall, it would be a good move for Apple considering that the brand's smart speaker and TV selection is so slim.

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