Google Home Smart Speakers Get Duo Voice Call Support With Latest Update

File photo of Google Duo.

File photo of Google Duo.

Duo's voice call support feature is now rolling out to its smart speaker range including the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max.

Google is finally rolling-out Duo voice call to its range of Home speakers. Users can now make and receive calls with other Duo users on their smart speakers. The feature is already available on the company's smart displays and is now being extended to smart speakers including the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. It is currently only available in English in the United States, and calls are only possible between Duo users. A user cannot make emergency calls using Duo.

The device used to contact a user's Nest display must have a camera in order for video calling to function. According to a report, Duo calling is available in other languages as well (German), as long as a user has the primary language of his/her Google Home speaker set to US English.

How to Set Up Duo Calling?

- Open the Google Home app on your phone

- Tap your device

- At the top right, tap Settings

- Under the 'More' option, choose Duo calling

- Follow the in-app instructions for set up.

A user must make sure that he/she connects to his/her Google Account in the Duo app on their phone before following the above steps. When a user wants to use his/her Google Home smart speaker to make a Duo call, simply say “Call [contact] on Duo,” and then “End the call” or “Hang up” when you're finished. To receive or answer a Duo call, a user will just have to say “Ok Google,” then “Answer the call”. To decline Duo call, a user will have to say “Decline the call”. A user can even turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to temporarily prevent Home speaker from receiving calls.

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