Google Home Speakers Become Unresponsive Post Preview Program Update

google home speaker
(file photo)

google home speaker (file photo)

While some users were successful in making their Google Home speakers function with a factory reset, others said even that did not solve their device's issues.

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The Google Home range of smart speakers have apparently stopped responding. This is said to have happened mainly to units that are a part of the Google Home preview program. As per a report, some users have managed to fix this issue by doing a factory reset on their device. The devices, which are getting affected by this issue, start flashing an orange LED indicator. Along with that, the affected device stops responding to commands and the ‘Hey Google’ hotword. In several cases, the device is not functioning properly even after a successful factory reset.

This, however, does not seem to have happened for the first time, as last year a faulty firmware update got rolled out affecting the Google Home devices. As mentioned above, the issue has affected only those users, who are using the preview program firmware. As per Google’s support documents, the company asserts that this is not beta software and the main intention of the brand is to ensure that Preview Program updates are as good as production version updates. In this way, the user gets easier and earlier access to new features before they are released broadly.

Previously as a part of fixing the problem, the search giant had offered to replace all devices that were affected regardless of warranty status.


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