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Google Integrates Meet, Mail, Chat, Rooms in One Interface on Gmail's G Suite Mobile App


Last Updated: August 14, 2020, 17:38 IST

Google Integrates Meet, Mail, Chat, Rooms in One Interface on Gmail's G Suite Mobile App

Gmail for G Suite aims to rival Microsoft 365 by offering documents, conversations, video conferencing and emails under one umbrella.

Google has rolled out a new, refurbished Gmail experience for its enterprise G Suite customers, which brings a more organised layout via dedicated tabs for Mail, Chat, Rooms and Meet. The four new tabs form a new user interface design directly through Gmail, where users will get all of their emails, direct messages, group chats, team-wise conversation 'rooms', and Google's video conferencing solution, Google Meet. The revamp comes after Google announced last month that it would turn Gmail for G Suite into an all-encompassing hub for its productivity platforms. With Covid-19-enforced work from home periods stretching into months now, Google's new Gmail for G Suite design is aimed at helping users get the most used Gmail features more easily, rather than having to access drop-down menus and opening new tabs for each of these features.

As far as the new features is concerned, the Mail tab will allow G Suite users to access all their email inboxes, while the Chat tab will offer a one-click interface to message either individuals within the organisation, or even create group conversations within small sub-teams within a company. Rooms, on the other hand, brings all the sub-teams of a company into one place, and shows an archived and active conversation view that makes it easier for users to initiate any group chat as deemed fit. Meet is Google's video conferencing solution, and can be used for both small and large teams. Meet, it is important to note, will also have the 'Chat' interface integrated within its own setup, which can make it easier for work teams to access older chats on the move.

As part of the update, G Suite users will also get a 'Do Not Disturb' status mode, coupled with status notifications such as 'out of office' or 'in a meeting', to help show their status of engagement at the moment. The update will reportedly be rolled out from September 1, and is designed to take on Microsoft's holistic work suite that offers video conferencing, direct and group messaging, emails as well as document tools within one environment. Google also has its Drive folders integrated into this service, in a bid to offer direct competition to its primary enterprise competitor in the market.