Google I/O 2015 roundup: Android M, Google Photos, Brillo OS and other announcements

Google I/O 2015 roundup: Android M, Google Photos, Brillo OS and other announcements

Here’s a roundup of all that Google announced at its two-day annual I/O conference in San Francisco.

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New Delhi:This week, Google wrapped up its I/O annual developers conference and other than the much-hyped future version of the Android OS, codenamed Android M, the search giant unveiled a series of new and improved products and services at the two-day event in San Francisco. Here’s a roundup of all that the search giant announced at the conference.

1.Android M: In line with our expectation, Google announced the next version of its Android operating system - Android M- which is the successor to Android Lollipop and boasts of new ways to fetch information, pay merchants and protect privacy on mobile devices as the Internet company duels with Apple in the quest to make their technology indispensable. The OS focuses on six key areas which include customisable app permissions, smoother app-to-web experience, enhanced app-linking capability, Android Pay, fingerprint support, and better battery management. It also includes better app-to-web experience, a new Doze feature for battery management,improved volume controls and USB Type-C support.

2. Google Photos: A new standalone product by Google, Google Photos is an element segregated from the search giant’s own Google+ social network but with added features. It helps you better organise your photos and videos, and lets you share and save what matters to you the most, all for free. The service automatically backs up and syncs unlimited photos or videos and lets you access them from any device. Google Photos is available as an app on Android and Apple devices, and on the web. It auto-organises photos and also lets you multi-share on Hangouts, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp, without ever having to leave the app.

3. Brillo OS: The lighter version of the Android operating system has been especially crafted for the Internet of Things devices. According to Google, Brillo extends the Android platform to all the connected devices, so they are easy to set up and work seamlessly with each other and your smartphone. Its developer preview will be out in Q3 this year.

4. HBO Now: Google also announced HBO’s online service- HBO Now- at its I/O conference. It will be available through Android devices this summer. With HBO Now, the channel's shows and movies are available for people who don't pay for cable.

5. Android Pay: Google introduced its own tap-to-pay service at its conference. With fingerprint support in its Android M operating system, users have the option of authorizing Android Pay purchases with their fingerprints. It will work with Android devices running KitKat and above. Android Pay will work in7,00,000 stores in the US.

6. Now on Tap: The search giant updated its digital personal assistant Google Now with a new Now on Tap capability to assist users in real time. The polished Google Now will also show petrol pumps on your route.

7. YouTube Offline: Google also announced offline functionality to its YouTube, and Maps which lets users keep a YouTube video offline for up to 48 hours or search for location on Maps without an Internet connection. It is part of the Android M OS.

8. Cardboard: Google's Cardboard box is a device that when attached to an Android phone transforms it into a virtual reality headset. Google announced the new Cardboard viewer which now supports bigger 6-inch phones.

9. Project Jump: In partnership with GoPro, Google announced that it will be developing a virtual reality device with 16 camera modules that will allow anyone to create a 360-degree virtual reality video.

10. Android Auto: Announced last year, Google's hi-tech car dashboard system is going to be adopted in more cars this year. Apart from Hyundai, GM, Volkswagen, Ford, and Mitsubishi, around 35 manufacturers are expected to roll out cars fitted with the digital system.

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