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Google is Going to Name and Shame Slow Content-Loading Websites on Chrome

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

Google is going to start adding a performance badge to warn users of slow-loading websites.

Who doesn't want websites to load fast and snappy with short buffer times to load content? However, there are still tons of websites that take their own sweet time. Google has now decided to put an end to this problem. The tech giant announced that it is planning to use performance badges to warn users of slow-loading websites. The announcement came through a blog postblog postblog post where Google expressed its plan to provide a faster web experience on Chrome.

As mentioned, badging will help in identifying when sites are authored in a way that makes them slow, looking at historical load latencies. While initially, there have been some criteria to choose such websites; the tech company might go stringent in the future. Early explorations will be focusing at Chrome surfaces, including the loading screen (splash screen), loading progress bar and context-menu for links. For badging and labeling, Google is collaborating closely with other in-house teams.

In its statement, Google said, “We are being very mindful with our approach to setting the bar for what is considered a good user experience and hope to land on something that is practically achievable by all developers. We will publish updates to this plan as we approach future releases, but don’t wait to optimize your site. A number of resources are available for learning what opportunities are available to improve your site speed.”

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