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Google Lists Stadia Compatibility With Various Third-Party Controllers

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Last Updated: November 14, 2019, 17:04 IST

Google Lists Stadia Compatibility With Various Third-Party Controllers

Google has confirmed that some of the popular third party game controllers will be supported by Stadia.

Google is all set to launch its new cloud-based game streaming platform, Stadia, that will allows users to play their favourite video games without the need of high-end hardware and across screens instantly. The Stadia app has already made its way to Android and iOS ahead of its official debut, and now Google has added information giving details on compatible third-party controllers.

According to the support page, gamers can play Stadia on TV sets via Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller. Along with this, users will need Wi Fi to connect it to the server. Stadia can also be played on a computer, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 4 via a variety of peripherals. For using the gaming service on Chrome or mobile phones, users will have to connect it via USB as Stadia doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

Stadia will support the DualShock 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Adaptive Controller supports “USB & Bluetooth connectivity” on both desktop and Pixel. The Switch Pro Controller will also be supported through USB & Bluetooth connectivity on desktop and Chrome, but not Android 9.

Some of the controllers listed may need additional drivers to properly function with Stadia on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS. Furthermore, Google's support page adds that the “Home” button for the Xbox Adaptive Controller is not supported on Android, Linux, or ChromeOS. It also adds that the “Home” button for Xbox controllers on Windows may open the Windows Game bar when pressed, and thus is not supported by Stadia on Windows. Finally, it adds that the Bluetooth for Xbox One Wireless Controllers is not supported on Linux. 

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