Google Pay Getting a New, Multi-Coloured Icon After Gmail Logo Redesign

New Google Pay Logo. (Image Credit: Twitter/ @isumantadas)

New Google Pay Logo. (Image Credit: Twitter/ @isumantadas)

The new Google Pay logo seems to be lowercase letters "U" and "N" interlocked with each other. It is said that the new icon depicts a wallet.

Google Pay is one of the most widely-used payments app in India. The app was last updated in September with minor design changes. Now, Google is rolling out a new icon for the Google Pay app, as spotted in the latest beta update. The new logo for Google Pay will mean the end of the road for the famous blue and white logo, with a 'G' next to the word 'Pay'. The update is rolling out initially for beta testers in India and the surrounding region.

According to a report in 9to5Google, the new logo is rolling out for Google Pay beta users in India and the surrounding regions starting today. The new Google Pay logo brings a three-dimensional look to the app icon. The new logo seems to be two lowercase letters "U" and "N" interlocked with each other. It could not be guessed as to what the new icons convey, but some reports have said that it depicts a wallet. The icon was first spotted by a Twitter user Sumanta Das, who found the new logo in the latest beta update for the Google Pay app on Android.

Google Pay comes as the latest app that has been rebranded from the Mountain View-based giant. Google has been bringing new icons and logos for many of its apps and tools in the recent weeks. The company had recently rebranded its GSuite family of productivity tools to Google Workspace, which saw new logos for apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more.

Google Pay was, in September, completely rebuilt from the ground up with Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI SDK made by Google that allows developers to make their apps using a single codebase and then deploy it to several platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

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