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Google Phone App to Add Call Recording Support

Google Phone App

(Image: Google Playstore)

Google Phone App (Image: Google Playstore)

Post Android 6 Marshmallow, Google has not provided an official call recording API forcing users to rely on OEMs.

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The Google Phone app, the pre-installed dialer application on Google Pixel smartphones and devices in the Android One program, will soon be getting call recording support. As per a report, the Version 43.0.289191107 of the Google Phone app has been rolled out for the Pixel 4 recently. After decoding the resources of the update it was found that Google added a new layout, icon, and other assets pertaining to call recording in the dialer app.

Furthermore, new strings also reveal that there could be an in-call button to start a new recording. However, the in-call button for call recording has not yet surfaced in the latest version of the app. The feature to record a phone call was available in Android phones before Android 9 Pie. After Android 9 Pie, Google closed the workarounds that developers used to enable recording the audio in phone calls.

The company has not provided an official call recording API since Android 6 Marshmallow, as a result, users are forced to rely on OEMs to enable call recording support. The report asserts that Google is apparently working to bring back call recording APIs in a future version of Android which will basically mean that people can expect this to be available in the future but as of now the users will have to find other means to record calls.

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