Google Photos Editor Gets Revamped Layout, New AI-Enabled Editing Features

New Google Photos editor layout. (Image Credit: Google)

New Google Photos editor layout. (Image Credit: Google)

Google Photos editor comes with a new "Suggestions" tab, which uses AI to suggest edits for photos. Google will enhance the feature in the coming months.


Darab Ali

Google launched its new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G smartphones, along with a new Chromecast and Google Nest smart speaker at an online event on September 30. Along with its new hardware, Google also announced a few software enhancements. Among them, is the company's new Google Photos editor. The new Google Photos editor on Android comes with an all-new layout and new features like smart suggestions and easy-to-use granular adjustments. The new Google Photos editor now appears to be in a carousel layout, with the editing options placed below the photo.

The options start with a new "Suggestions" tab which uses Google AI to suggest changes in your photos. "Suggestions" tab will give users the option to enhance their photos, change them into a B&W portrait, or a third colour pop option which makes the background black and white. Google said in its blog post that more suggestions will be added over the coming months. Apart from "suggestions", the new editor tool also has "crop", "adjust", "filters," and "more" options for editing photos. While the "crop" and "filter" options are self explanatory, "adjust" will let users access the granular adjustments of a photo like contrast, shadows, brightness, warmth, saturation, etc. This new "adjust" tab brings the adjustments to a more accessible spot. Earlier, these were hidden inside the "Light" and "Colour" adjustments options.

Google is also bringing a new 'Portrait light' feature to the Google Photos editor for the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, the company said in its blog post. The 'Portrait Light' feature uses machine learning to improve the lighting on the faces in portraits. With the new options, users will be able to adjust light positioning and brightness through the Google Photos app.

The new Google Photos editor is starting to roll out today via a Google Photos update on Android.

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