Google Photos Gets Manual Face Tagging Feature: Here's All You Need to Know

Image for Representation

(Image: AFPRelaxnews)

Image for Representation (Image: AFPRelaxnews)

Google Photos' manual face tagging feature will only work when Google identifies a face in the picture, users cannot tap on a face to add a tag.

Google Photos is getting the manual face tagging feature. This will provide users with more control over which faces are tagged in their photos. They can tag their friends whose faces are clear in the picture. However, to the disappointment of many users, manual face tagging feature would not allow users to tap on any point in the picture and add a tag, instead the feature relies on Google's algorithm and its ability to identify the face of a person or a pet. A user cannot tag on pictures that don’t have the full face in them. Manual face tagging feature only works when Google identifies a face in the picture. Users can manually add as well as edit the names in the photo tagging option and make a new tag even if it’s the first image of a person. Before this feature, Google would not create a "person" group until a few of his/her pictures were available.

How Google's Manual Face Tagging Feature Works:

A user can go on to the Google photos and select a picture which has a person, group of people or pet/pets. The user can then swipe up or tap on three dots on the top right. He/she will be directed to the updated EXIF panel with the people section, recognised people's faces as well as an edit icon or pen to the right. If users are not being able to spot the pen or edit option, it means that the manual face tagging feature has not been rolled out for your device. Also, if users do not see the People heading with their images, it means that Google has not been able to detect the face in the image. Users can then tap on the pen/edit option and they will then see the selected picture on top, a thumbnail of tagged people below, and faces that are there to add further below. The users can then choose the untagged faces either by tapping on them and will be able to add those people to the list of an existing group.

The feature also enables users to manually remove or delete hidden faces from the group. Google is rolling out manual face tagging feature as a part of Photos v4.32.1 on Android. It is a server-side update and there is a possibility not all users will get it at a go. It will reach out to users gradually.

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