Google Rolls Out Gmail, Fit and Drive App Widgets on Apple iPhone Running iOS 14 and Above

Google Rolls Out Gmail, Fit and Drive App Widgets on Apple iPhone Running iOS 14 and Above

Google has announced that app widgets for Chrome and Calendar will release next year on iOS devices. Apple iPhone users with Chrome beta currently have the access to its widget on the device.

Google is rolling out a new update for Gmail app for iOS that brings a dedicated Gmail widget on the Apple iPhone running iOS 14 and above. The new widget is available with the Gmail for iOS version 6.0.201101 and users in India and can use it as well. Additionally, Google has announced that its Google Drive and Google Fit apps on iOS are also getting a dedicated widget, respectively. After updating the apps from Apple App Store, users need to long-press the screen and tap on the 'plus' icon at the top right corner to add a widget to either on the home screen or other windows. Notably, app widgets cannot be added to the App Library that Apple introduced with iOS 14 in October.

The Gmail widget on iOS devices gives users the option to search a mail, compose an email, and check unread messages. The iOS version of the widget; however, does not provide the option to preview emails as available with the Android version. Similarly, the Google Drive widget on iOS is available with the app version 4.2020.46208. The company in a blog post said that the Drive widget helps users to access files "most likely to need—and lets you search for any file from your homescreen." The Google Fit widget on Apple iOS devices comes with app version 1.45. Users can directly see heart points and steps via the widget.

Google already has the Google search, YouTube, and Photos widgets on Apple iPhones running iOS 14 and above. The company will soon launch app widgets for Calendar and Chrome apps. As per Google, the Chrome widget will give access to search, open a new tab or incognito tab, voice search, and QR scanning.

Meanwhile, Google is also updating Chrome for iOS and iPadOS. The Apple iPad version of Chrome app lets users open multiple windows simultaneously in addition to a new feature called 'safety check' in the Settings menu that allows users to ensure that they're using the safe and latest version of Chrome and more. Google also released a Google Chrome version of Apple Macs with M1 chip earlier this week. Other PC models are currently receiving Chrome version 87, that brings a host of new features.

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