Google Stadia Adds 'Pro' Badges to Games Included in Subscription Programme

Google Stadia Adds 'Pro' Badges to Games Included in Subscription Programme

The 'Pro' badge will help identify the subscription pack games on the Google Stadia platform.

Google’s gaming service Stadia keeps rolling out new updates and fixes at regular intervals. Last week, Google released another update to Stadia for Android and iOS. The latest update, version 2.2.289534823, includes a few tweaks. Of these, one of the most important features is the ‘Pro’ badge for free subscription games. This signifies that once you get the new 2.2.289534823 update, you’ll notice a few games flashing a red-and-white ‘Pro’ badge in the bottom-left corner on the ‘Your Games’ page of the Stadia interface.

Interestingly, the ‘Pro’ tag is visible in both full grid or list view. Additionally, the ‘Pro’ badge on Google Stadia fits with the Chromecast TV interface. However, is yet to show such badging, according to reports. These badges are being marked out for 'Pro' subscribers of the Stadia service, making it easy for users to identify the free subscription games available on the platform.

Google is also revealing details on estimated data used by Stadia’s ‘Balanced’ 1080p tier. The ‘Balanced’ mode is said to use up to 12.6GB of data per hour, and the new information has been updated in the ‘Data usage & performance’ setting. Users with a more conservative data plan can choose a ‘Limited Data Usage’ mode with the 720p tier, which uses up to 4.5GB per hour. Those on the other end of the spectrum, or the ‘Best Visual Quality’ mode with up to 4K resolution, can use up to 20GB per hour.

The Pro badging will go a certain way in refining the interface of Google Stadia, which is sure to keep adding to its game database and features, going forward.

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