Google Stadia Plans to Add Over 120 Games in 2020

Google Stadia Plans to Add Over 120 Games in 2020

Of these 120 games, 10 will be exclusively released only for Google Stadia users in the first half of the year.

Just two months back, Google launched its cloud gaming service Stadia and did not receive a hearty reception. Now, the US-based tech giant is preparing a new roadmap for Stadia, with some additions and support. The cloud gaming service made an announcement about their latest developments in a blog post stating their future plans to lure more gamers to the platform.

The gaming service is coming up with over 120 games this year. Out of these, 10 games will be available only and exclusively on Stadia and will be rolled out in the first half of the year. Apart from the addition of games, users will also experience new features, which will be added to Stadia in the first quarter and throughout the year.

Google is also planning to add support for 4K gaming on the Web, along with support for additional Android Phones. In the near future, gamers will also be able to enjoy a wireless gaming experience on the web, using the Stadia controller. In the last two months, Stadia has already made several updates including the addition of games to the Stadia library, revamped all Chromecast Ultras, rolled out Google Assistant functionality and Achievements and others.

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