Google Stream Transfer Eases the Effort to Switch Media Between Smart Devices

Google Stream Transfer Eases the Effort to Switch Media Between Smart Devices

With the new feature, you can now easily switch between devices where you want to cast your music or videos.

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Google continues to offer consumers new ways to interact with their smart devices. The tech giant has now come up with a new innovation that seems to be quite useful. Dubbed Stream Transfer, the new feature allows users to move music, videos and podcasts between compatible devices in their homes using their voice, the Google Home app, or the touch screen on the Nest smart display.

For instance users can say, "Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker." If one prefers using the Google Home app instead, they can tap the cast button which will allow one to see all the devices in their home and then choose which device or group they want to move their music to. Furthermore, if one has to move YouTube videos between a Nest smart display and Chromecast-enabled TV, one has to simply choose the videos on Nest Hub Max and tap the cast control on the screen to move it to the TV.

If a user has multiple Google Home and Nest smart speakers or displays in their home, they can set up a speaker group in the Home app, which will enable them to transfer music from a single speaker to the speaker group following the steps above. Notably, the new Stream feature is compatible with music apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora etc. However, for videos, the compatibility is restricted to YouTube as of it. The new Stream service will be rolled out across all Chromecast, Google Home, as well as Nest smart speakers and display.

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