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Google Will Replace Home And Home Mini Systems Bricked by Faulty Software Update

Google Home Mini. (Image: Google)

Google Home Mini. (Image: Google)

The Google Home Mini is priced at Rs 2,799 while the Google Home costs Rs 6,999.

Vishal Mathur
  • Last Updated: October 24, 2019, 11:56 AM IST
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If you have a Google Home or Google Home Mini smart speaker which has been rendered inoperable after a recent software update, worry not. Google has confirmed that they are attempting to fix the recent firmware which caused the problems with the smart speaker line-up, and if that also doesn’t help, they will replace all the affected devices for users. If your Home or Home Mini speaker has been one of the unlucky ones bricked after the automatic firmware update, chances are you will notice that all the LED notification lights on the speaker will be illuminated and the speaker will not respond to any inputs or voice commands.

"We are aware that a small number of Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are affected by an issue that causes the device to stop working,” confirms Google spokesperson in a statement shared with News18. The company also clarifies, “we have a fix that will prevent the issue from happening and will be rolling it out soon. We are replacing affected devices.”

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From what we understand, only the Home and the Home Mini smart speakers have been impacted by the recent firmware update, whereas the Google Nest Hub smart display systems remain unaffected. The Google Home Mini is priced at Rs 2,799 while the Google Home costs Rs 6,999.

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