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India's Top Four Esports Players That Are Representing The Country On a Global Stage

Esports. Image used for representation. (Image Credit: Pexels)

Esports. Image used for representation. (Image Credit: Pexels)

Here are the top four E-sports players in India that are making the country proud on a global stage.

E-sports is one of the most rapidly-growing industry in the current times. With the increasing smartphone and internet penetration, more and more people (mostly youngsters) are taking up e-sport as a full-time profession. E-sports is an industry that has people from all sections of the society and is helping them earn money and fame, along with winning laurels for the country on a global scale. In India, the Esports Federation of India has been set up to facilitate the growth in the number of youths and has introduced competitive formats in the country by organising national tournaments such as Nations Cup, Esports Championship, along with a Ranking System.

Now, the Esports Federation of India has released the names of the top four Esports gamers in India that are setting the bar and aspiring new youngsters, apart from representing the country on a global stage. The four gamers that have been facilitated as the top four Esports players in the country have been named based on numerous factors including their achievements in several tournaments. Here are the four names:

Tirth Mehta (Bronze medal winner in Asian Games 2018)

Tirth Mehta (Hearthstone), a 26-year-old lad from the sleepy town of Bhuj in Gujarat’s Kutch district who won the bronze medal in Hearthstone — a popular online digital collectible card game — at the Esports demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games.

Hearthstone, developed and published by American video game Company, Blizzard Entertainment, has garnered huge interest among online gamers from across Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, besides India. The game is a combination of chess and poker, requiring players to have core skills in maths and probability.

The hours Tirth spend depend on whether or not there was an upcoming major tournament. If there isn’t, he usually spend a couple hours a day if there is, he spends between 5 hours to 14 hours a day playing.

Karan Manganani (Placed 4th in Asian Games 2018)

Karan “jin kazama” Manganani is considered one of the best Clash Royale player in India. Karan Manganani, 20, like many other Indians of his generation, spends five hours a day on average, on his smartphone playing Clash Royale, a chess-like strategy game. Manganani has an easier time explaining his gaming habit to his parents, unlike most others his age, though. His ability to win virtual wars could potentially one day earn India gold at the Olympics.

List of Achievements 2018-20 Clash Royale
1. CRL Combine Phase 1 Rank 1
2. CRL Combine Main Event Rank Top 10(Los Angeles)
3. Asian Games 2018 National Champion (2018)
4. Asian Games 2018 Regional Champion (South Asia)
5. Asian Games 2018 Rank 4(All Over Asia)
6. Esl India Premiership 2018-19 Winter Season Champion
7. MGL World Cup Clash Royale 2018(India MVP)
8. World Royale League Clash Royale 2018(India Captain)
9. ESL India Premiership 2019-20 Summer Season Champion
10. World Royale League 2019 Team India (MVP)

Moinuddin Amdani

Moinuddin started playing in 2012. His love for football motivated him to take up this game. It was initially started as a fun-time hobby like any other gaming individual. His parents are concerned about his career and job security as not every individual turn out to be a successful professional esports player. However, he is yet to break the news about his ambition of getting into full-time video gaming and becoming an esports professional.

Not owning a PlayStation is the biggest challenge for this India No. 1. Even though he plays professionally, he still has to go to a cyber cafe to play the matches as he doesn’t own a machine. He though feels Esports in India is booming but we still have that mindset of playing is a waste of time.

Amdani is targeting nothing short of gold at the upcoming Esports World Championship in Eliat, Israel.

Two-time national champion
Runner up in PES 2017 tournament at IGX
Runner up at Nations Cup held in India
Represented India at the 2019 World Championship 2019
Represented India at E-Masters Asia

Abhinav Tejan

Tejan started playing Tekken when he was around 7-8 years old and used to go to an arcade shop close to his house where he started playing recreationally.

While he started off casually with his friends at the arcade just for fun but right after his graduation from school, he saw an advertisement for a Tekken 6 tournament and he decided to participate and soon good introduced to the Tekken community in India as well. He started joining tournaments since 2010 and during this time there weren’t many tournaments happening and the community was quite a small one. With no official rules and pretty much every tournament having a different rule set all the time and unprofessional attitude at times when prize money were halved or declined-pretty much affected the growth of the game and increasing the popularity of the game.

Tejan feels getting a sponsor in India for a game which is not that popular is really hard, he has been trying to get the sponsors attention for many years now by staying at the number 1 position in India in Tekken and even placing top 3 in the international tournament but he is still without sponsors and at times even if sponsors are there Visa availability becomes an issue.

Current national champion
1st position in Dreamhack Delhi 2018 and 2019
3rd position SEA Major TWT 2018
4th position IESF 2018 Kaohsiung
9th position EVO Japan 2020

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