How to Get Back Google's Old Gmail, Drive, and Other Workspace Apps' Logos on Chrome

Google Chrome Extension.

Google Chrome Extension.

Google's new Gmail, Drive, Keep Notes, and other Workspace app logos have met with a fair amount of criticism from users.

Google recently rebranded its GSuite family of professional and productivity tools to Google Workspace. As part of the rebranding, the Mountain View, California-based company redesigned the icons for its Google Workspace apps including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Calendar, and more. The new icons, however, met with a fair amount of criticism from people who had gotten too used to the old logos for Gmail, Drive, and the likes. For those who did not appreciate Google's move to the new icons, there is now an extension for Google Chrome that brings back the old icons for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and more.

The new extension has been developed by a product designer named Claudio Postinghel. The extension aims to solve problems like losing track of tabs, or closing a tab unintentionally because a user was not able to identify the new icon, and the likes. According to the comments section on Postinghel's extension, these problems have been common ever since Google started rolling out the new rebranded Google Workspace apps. The extension can be downloaded for free from the Google Chrome Web Store and a website called The extension will restore old Google Workspace logos like the legendary envelope logo for Gmail and the three-coloured drive logo after being installed.

According to the Google Chrome Web Store listing, the extension was uploaded on November 2 and is only 182kb in size. The website for Postinghel's extension says that the extension for Mozilla Firefox is also coming soon. There is no word about these extensions coming to any other web browser.

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