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Here's What the Coloured LED Rings on the Amazon Echo Signify

Here's What the Coloured LED Rings on the Amazon Echo Signify

Trying to figure out what the various colours on your Amazon Echo indicate?

A salient feature of the Amazon Echo and Echo Show smart speakers is their LED ring and light bar respectively. When users command the speaker by using the wake-up word (Alexa), the light turns blue and is seen swirling around as Alexa processes the voice command. The light ring or bar has several other indicative functions too and it serves as a notification light as well. There are times when the ring colours keep on changing and here’s what they indicate.:

-Solid blue with a small section of cyan: When users speak the wake word, the light ring of the speaker turns solid blue with a small section turning cyan and pointing towards the person speaking.

-Solid blue with spinning cyan: Once a command is issued, the light ring will turn solid blue with spinning cyan, indicating that Alexa is processing the request.

-Alternating blue and cyan: Alexa is responding to a command or query.

-Light ring turns white: Shows volume percentage when the user manually adjusts the smart speaker volume.

-Spinning orange: Indicated the device is currently connected to the network.

-Solid red: Indicates microphone is turned off and Alexa is not actively listening for commands.

-Violet which is pulsing: Indicates there is an issue with the Wi-Fi setup.

-Spinning blue light that ends with purple flash:  ‘Do Not Disturb’ has been activated on the smart speaker.

-Purple flash: If following an interaction, Alexa still shows a flash of purple, it means Do Not Disturb is still on.

-White light: The white light indicates that Alexa Guard is on Away Mode. Alexa Guard can listen for sounds that indicate something dangerous might be going on in your home, and then alert you to tell you what it hears.

-Pulsing green light: Indicates incoming call.

-Spinning green light: On a current call.

-Pulsing light yellow: Indicates messages in inbox.