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Hey Alexa, You're the Grinch Who Stole Christmas: AI Assistant Ruins Holiday Surprise

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Last Updated: December 02, 2019, 13:18 IST

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(Altered by News18)

Image for Representation (Altered by News18)

Lizzy Nuttall had ordered an Instax camera for her daughter on Black Friday as a surprise gift, however, her Alexa device gave it all away. Here's how.

Turns out virtual assistants can be blabbermouths! Amazon's Alexa has recently been caught blurting out a ten-year-old's main Christmas present. According to a report in The Sun, 41-year-old Lizzy Nuttall was shocked when the virtual assistant let slip in front of her daughter that her £130 (approx. Rs 12,000) Instax camera had been dispatched for delivery. Earlier in November, a spokesperson for Amazon had said that from November 17 onwards, Alexa no longer will reveal the names of items likely to be gifts so that possible surprises are not ruined. The report quoted Lizzy as saying that her daughter had been talking about getting an Instax for months so she decided to order it on Black Friday. However, when the two went into the kitchen, the yellow light on the device was on to say that there was a message before the virtual assistant let slip, "Parcel arriving – Instax.”

Alice tried to cover it up by saying she had not heard the message but Lizzy knew that the surprise was ruined. Lizzy was further quoted by the daily as saying, "The frustrating thing is Alexa has been saying it will not reveal the contents of a parcel. I want to warn other parents so they don’t have their children’s surprises spoiled. I think Alexa has turned into the Christmas Grinch," before adding, "Now we’ll have to get Alice another gift because she hasn’t got a surprise”.

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