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How MyJio App Has Quietly Transformed Itself into India's WeChat, One Update At A Time


Last Updated: August 07, 2020, 10:21 IST

How MyJio App Has Quietly Transformed Itself into India's WeChat, One Update At A Time

WeChat, often classified as a super app at least in China, is in trouble with US President Donald Trump issuing an executive order that says WeChat will be banned in the US in 45 days, if they are not sold by Tencent. WeChat is already banned in India.

For mobile users, a companion app that lets them manage their prepaid or postpaid connection is now par for the course. Every mobile service provider has one. You can see the billing details or prepaid validity details, make bill payments and recharge and even make payments for friends and family who may also be using a prepaid or postpaid connection from the same service provider. In fact, you can also manage other services by the same company, if they offer home broadband or DTH TV services as well, for instance. However, not everyone does it as well as Reliance Jio, and the MyJio app for Jio prepaid and postpaid users, JioFiber subscribers as well as JioFi and JioLink users.

Is MyJio a super app, perhaps? With the sort of wide options, mini apps and functionality that are available in one app, it can most certainly be classified as one. And speaking of super apps, the Chinese owned app WeChat is in trouble in the US. It is often classified as a super app, at least in China, for the variety of options it offers, including messaging and payments. US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that says WeChat and TikTok will be banned in the US in 45 days, if they are not sold by their Chinese owners. WeChat is owned by Tencent while TikTok is owned by Bytedance. Both apps are already banned in India, because of significant concerns around user data privacy and security.

The MyJio app is available for Android phones as well as the Apple iPhone. Recent updates have seen the evolution of MyJio from a companion app to manage your mobile or broadband connection, to something of a super app. It now offers a lot more. The basics remain very much in place, with the complete account overview of your prepaid or postpaid plan, managing multiple accounts if you have more than one SIM card and connection and make payments as and when required. The MyJio app is the single app for Jio mobile users as well as the JioFiber broadband services. Yet, that is not all. The MyJio app, at this time, integrates a lot more including JioPay, JioCinema, JioChat, JioNews, JioSaavn, UPI payments for digital payments while shopping or for bill payments including utility bills, JioCloud and JioEngage—some of these are integrated within the app, and some of these are mini-apps that offer extensive functionality without having to download another app on your phone.

If you are still not a Jio mobile or a JioFiber subscriber, you can use the app to buy a new Jio connection and get the new SIM card delivered to your doorstep. You can also quickly port to Jio as well, if you are using an Airtel or Vodafone mobile connection.

As for the extensive value additions that the MyJio app gets you, streaming remains a priority in these times. The app gives you single tap access to JioSaavn for music streaming. The service has more than 45 million songs listed on the platform at this time. Then there is the JioCinema video streaming service, which bundles movies, TV shows and Originals. Since the subscriptions for these services are included in Jio mobile and JioFiber subscription packs, for instance, access is seamless too.

JioPay is one of the most important elements of the MyJio app for Android and iPhone. This is basically your mobile wallet for making digital payments using your credit card or wallets including JioMoney, Paytm and PhonePe. UPI payments are also a critical new addition to the digital payments system in the MyJio app, that lets you make payments at stores and also online for bills and payments directly from your UPI linked bank account.

JioNews is the service that includes news curations in more than 13 Indian languages, as well as videos across genres of content, access to more than 250 e-papers of the day’s newspapers and more than 800 magazines for you to access. There is also JioEngage that lets you take part in contests and games and win prizes. There is also JioInteract, which is an AI powered virtual assistant that connects you with celebrities. Then there is HelloJio which answers any queries you may have about the service, as a customer.

Focused on productivity is the JioCloud service that lets you store files and data on the cloud, accessible within the app, so that you don’t have to struggle with multiple cloud storage apps.

In a way, the MyJio app does a lot more than simply let you manage your mobile or broadband or data connection. The myriad of services that are integrated within one app ease the pain of using multiple apps for the same tasks. This also takes advantage of Jio’s billing and prepaid plans which bundle a lot of these subscription-based services as part of the monthly bill or recharge for the mobile or broadband services, to integrate everything in one place.