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How to Export WhatsApp Chats from iPhones to Android Phones

How to Export WhatsApp Chats from iPhones to Android Phones

We take you through how you can save your message history, if you are shifting from iOS to Android.

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WhatsApp is compatible both on iOS and Android, and often, there are users who switch their smartphones and migrate from Apple's iOS to an Android smartphone. With no direct way of shifting the messages, many often end up losing their messages history in process. If you happen to be among these users, and are switching to Android from an iPhone, you can now restore your WhatsApp chats too, albeit with some hassle. The process was reported by Android Central, and bypasses Apple's 'walled garden' approach for its app ecosystem — making it possible to shift message histories from one OS to another.

To migrate the chat history from iOS to Android, here's how you can go about the process.

-Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone, and swipe left on the chat that you wish to export

-Tap on the More button

-Select Export Chat

-From the share menu, choose the Mail option, and enter the email address linked to your Android device

-Press the Send icon on the top right corner

Repeat this step for every chat that you wish to restore. It is important to note that the process is not entirely seamless, and can be tedious if you wish to restore many of your conversations. These conversations are retrieved from the mail account, once you set up WhatsApp on Android. To import:

-Open the relevant email on your Android device

-Download all the links directly to your Android phone

-Delete WhatsApp from your Android device, and re-install it from Google Play Store

-Open WhatsApp on your Android device and follow the setup process

-Tap on Restore option that will prompt on the screen in the setup menu

-Wait for WhatsApp to complete the restoration, after which you tap on the Next button at the bottom.

Once WhatsApp restores the backup that you have downloaded, all your chats will appear on your Android phone. For more cross-platform backing up and restoring of messages, once WhatsApp is enabled on your Android smartphone, be sure to backup your chats to Google Drive. This saves a copy of your messages backup on Drive, giving you the flexibility of accessing it anywhere else. To do so:

-Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and click on the More Options button in the top right corner

-Go to Settings and tap on Chats

-Tap on Chat backup

-Choose Back up to Google Drive

-Select the frequency of backup by tapping on Backup Frequency

-Select the Google Account to which you want the backup to sync with

-Tap on Back up over to select if you want the backups to sync only when Wi-Fi is on, Cellular data is on, or both

-Toggle 'Include videos' if you want to take the backups of the videos that you receive on WhatsApp

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