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How to Start Self-Chat Feature on WhatsApp Web, Android and iOS for Taking Quick Notes

WhatsApp image used for representation.

WhatsApp image used for representation.

There are mainly two ways to start a self-chat feature on WhatsApp. Self-chat or self-message feature enables users to take quick notes or save important web links.

Several Android and iOS running smartphones come with pre-installed note-taking or useful reminder apps, but we often forget about their existence. In that case, we turn to our most-used apps for taking quick notes or saving important web links so that they remain handy. WhatsApp has been around for many years, and the instant messaging app continues to be one of the most used platforms across both Android and iOS systems. So in case, you want to start a self-messaging feature to take quick notes on WhatsApp, there are simple solutions worth checking out.

There are mainly two ways to start a self-chat or self-message feature on WhatsApp. For the first method, you need to use your web browser and search the URL wa.me// with your 10-digit phone number. Users in India will need to add 91 before the mobile number. Here’s how the link will look: wa.me//91XXXXXXXXXX. After running the URL on any web browser, users will notice a new web page where it will read, ‘Chat on WhatsApp with +91 (your 10-digit mobile number). Users here will need to select ‘Continue to Chat.’ There will be two options: one leading to the download link of the WhatsApp Web if you’re using the desktop’s web browser. You may also find links to WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp for Android or iOS, depending upon the system. Either way, you can select WhatsApp Web right below the download button.

Once the self-chat starts, users can save the contact with the preferred name for easy discoverability. As expected, the self-chat feature is accessible via the WhatsApp apps or web client.

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In case WhatsApp users face errors with this method, there is a  traditional process that is relatively longer. WhatsApp users would need to create a group with any close friend or relative. You can form a WhatsApp group even with two members (including yourself). Once the group is set up, you can remove the new member and have the entire chat to yourself. This method again enables the self-chat feature on the Facebook-owned messaging app.

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