Huawei Doesn't Want to Replace Android With Harmony OS, Just Google Mobile Services

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Vegan Leather Forest Green Variant.

(File Photo)

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Vegan Leather Forest Green Variant. (File Photo)

Huawei has confirmed that it will continue to use Android since moving to Harmony OS without a strong app base will not sit well with international users.

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Huawei had launched Harmony OS at their Developer Conference on August 9. At that time, Company’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard had gone on to say that the OS is faster and safer than Android. Following the introduction of the Harmony OS, there were rumours that future phones will opt for the new operating system over Android. Since then Huawei has been shipping its Mate 30 smartphone coupled with an AOSP Android. But the smartphone doesn’t have Google Mobile Services (GMS).

According to a report, Huawei's President of Global Media and Communications, Joy Tan has confirmed that the company will continue to use Android for its smartphones for the time being. He further added that moving to a different operating system demands years of work and, in the long run, prove negative for consumer confidence.

However, with the majority of Huawei users being hooked to Google Mobile Services, they would rather lay stress on its own resources and further expand the Huawei Mobile Services as a replacement to the GMS. For any OS to be successful, one of the biggest necessities is the number of apps it boasts off. Thus, without a strong app base, Huawei will fail to cater to a viable choice to its international users.

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