Huawei Honor 7: First impressions review

Huawei Honor 7: First impressions review

Laden with features and priced competitively, this Rs 22,999 phone seems to be a tempting deal.

Ankit Tuteja

After OnePlus and Motorola, Huawei has now launched its new contender to compete with other smartphones in the sub-Rs 25K category. We are yet to evaluate as to how the new Huawei Honor 7 stacks against the recent launched OnePlus 2 and the Moto X Play, but we are out with our first impressions of the new Honor phone that could help you understand its potential.

The Honor 7 is one of the very few phones in the sub-Rs 25K category to have a fingerprint sensor. Unlike the OnePlus 2, the Honor 7 has a fingerprint sensor right underneath the camera at the rear - which to me is intuitive. The fingerprint sensor, as the company's claims, unlocks the screen in just 0.5 seconds, but we are yet to test its accuracy and speed in everyday conditions.

Encased in a metal body, the phone is easy to grip courtesy its rounded corners, but feels a little heavy in hands - quite like the Moto X Play. While the Honor 7 looks decent and is pleasing to eyes, it does lack a premium appeal - something that the Honor 6 Plus had. The back of the phone which is, otherwise, metal is said to be air-brushed with a ceramic coating, but it's hard to distinguish that with naked eyes.

The front of the phone has a 5.2-inch full HD display that produces vivid colours and offers great viewing angles. It's smooth to navigate on the screen and good to look at.

One of the key highlights of the phone is its 20 megapixel rear camera. While we are yet to test it in different lighting conditions, but a couple of sample shots that we took at the demo zone appeared to be pretty decent - bright as well as rich in colours. But how much details the camera captures and how well it gets along in other light conditions are something that we would like to check before commenting on its actual performance.

While the company boasts of its 8 megapixel front camera as a perfect phone for selfies, we beg to differ here. We tested the front camera in bright light conditions, and found the results to be not so crisp. We will soon put it to further tests to ascertain its real worth.

Nevertheless, both the front and rear cameras come with a plethora of options to customise images - in terms of modes, features, enhancements and resolution.

While globally the phones come in different variants, the company has introduced only the 16GB (with expandable memory) single SIM variant in India. Of the 16 GB storage on board, only 10.35 GB is user accessible. Given that the phone supports a card of up to 128 GB for additional storage, the 16 GB of built-in memory looks manageable.

Smart Key is what appears to be an interesting feature in the phone - which the company has been both highlighting and boasting about. This dedicated button at the left is actually a key for shortcuts. Based on your app usage, you can set the shortcuts and use them with the press of this key. For instance, a single press launches one app and the double press activates the other.

The Honor 7 also includes one of the not-so-common features in phones - reverse charging, which means it can be used as a power bank to charge other phones.

The speaker at the bottom of the phone generates excellent audio quality but not loud.

The phone, which will come in two colours - silver and grey - will go on sale in India from October 15. It will be sold exclusively on Flipkart.

Laden with features and priced competitively, this Rs 22,999 phone seems to be a tempting deal, but how well does it justify the price tag is yet to be known.

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