Humans vs AI: A Team of 5 DOTA 2 Players Beaten by a Group of AI Programs

Humans vs AI: A Team of 5 DOTA 2 Players Beaten by a Group of AI Programs

"OpenAI Five plays 180 years worth of games against itself every day."

Artificial Intelligence vs Humans is a hotly debated topic these days and the gaming arena holds one of the prime witnesses of that. DOTA 2 players have taken on an AI algorithm before in a head-to-head match and have lost. The story seems to continue to date, a recent match between a team of 5 humans vs a mix of AI programs, being a proof of that. The AI programs, developed by OpenAI - an AI research lab founded by Elon Musk and Y Combinator president Sam Altman, won 2 out of 3 matches against the 5 semi-professional humans working together as a team.

For the first time OpenAI Five, as the team of AIs is called, beat a team of humans in the top 99.95 percentile at Dota 2, proving its coordination and planning capability. Previously, the victory streak of AIs was restricted to a 1 on 1 match with a human player. What's more, OpenAI Five let the audience select its team of 5 members which can possibly make a huge difference in the game. The third match as a victory to humans is being claimed to be a result of the audience's choice of inadequate players for the AI.

Next up on OpenAI's list is to take on DOTA 2 professionals at this year's "The International", a major e-sports tournament.

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