India Poised to Lead Data Revolution: Mukesh Ambani at Digital Transformation World Series 2020

File photo of Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani. (Image: Reuters)

File photo of Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani. (Image: Reuters)

At TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series 2020, Reliance Industries chairman described India’s digital transformation over the past few years, and issued a call to action for the future.

India is poised to not just play an integral part of data-driven global advancement, but is strategically empowered to lead the world, said Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani at his keynote at the Digital Transformation World Series, 2020, organised by TM Forum. During his keynote, Ambani described how India missed out on the first two industrial revolutions, but during the third industrial revolution of information technology, India played a critical role in bolstering the entire industry but still missed out on being a global leader. Issuing a call to action for India’s talent pool, Ambani underlined how India is poised perfectly to play a leading role in what he referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

Ambani described the fourth industrial revolution as industrial applications involving digital connectivity, cloud and edge computing, IoT and smart devices, AI, robotics, blockchain, artificial and virtual reality and genomics. He further underlined how his venture, Reliance Jio, was born specifically to lead India into the next industrial revolution with its offerings of ultra high-speed connectivity, affordable smart devices and transformational digital applications. “While it took 25 years for the Indian telecom industry to build its 2G network, Jio built its 4G network only in three years. To ensure widespread adoption of data, we launched with the lowest data tariffs in the world, and made voice services completely free for Jio users,” said Ambani about Jio’s impact.

Ambani further underlined Jio’s impact in India’s data revolution, where it led India’s adoption of smart devices at breakneck speed and also led to super escalated data adoption in all sectors across India. “India’s monthly consumption went up from 0.2 billion GB to 1.2 billion GB, a growth of 600%. Data consumption has been multiplying ever since. Today, India consumes over 6 exabytes of data every month, more than 30 times pre-Jio levels, just four years ago. We have gone from 155th in the world to number one in mobile data consumption in just four years. The Jio movement shattered the widely held belief that India is not ready to adopt advanced technologies. Today, I can say with utmost confidence that India will play a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Ambani added.

Ambani further spoke about Jio’s increasing rollout of services included fiber optic internet connectivity and 5G services in India. He stated that these will contribute further to the advancement of new generation technologies, in which Jio Platforms is actively invested. “We must invest in building next-generation technology assets. We must root out inefficiencies across the digital physical ecosystem. We must break silos and forge winning partnerships. Only then can we build and sustain a truly digital society. Jio has been founded on these very values. It has been conceived not as a business, but as a digital movement,” said Ambani in conclusion to his keynote. is part of Network18 Media & Investment Limited which is owned by Reliance Industries Limited that also owns Reliance Jio.

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