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Indian Govt Launches 'CHAMPIONS', an AI Platform That Will Cater to MSMEs

Indian Govt Launches 'CHAMPIONS', an AI Platform That Will Cater to MSMEs

The platform aims to help the MSMEs by solving their grievances, encouraging, supporting, helping and handholding so that they are recognized globally.

The government of India has launched a new technology platform Champions, aimed at supporting small and medium businesses through a holistic technology platform. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the 'Champions' platform's name is an acronym for Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength. The platform will incorporate a network of control rooms, and according to the government, will incorporate the use of AI, machine learning and data analytics to streamline the support process being extended to MSMEs.

According to a press release on the matter, the three 'detailed objectives' of the Champions platform are "grievance redressal, to resolve the problems of MSMEs including those of finance, raw materials, labor, regulatory permissions etc particularly in the Covid created difficult situation." The platform will also enable MSMEs to capture new business avenues, "including manufacturing of medical equipments and accessories like PPEs, masks, etc and supply them in National and International markets." Lastly, to identify specially skilled businesses, which the government says would be "able to withstand the current situation and can become national and international champions."

The main focus of the programme would be to expedite the process for businesses to get operational assistance from the government, using automated and manually overseen operational procedures. To enable this, Champions will reportedly have one central control room, and 66 other state-level control rooms, through which all sorts of queries would be digitised and fast-forwarded to the requisite government departments. To speed up decision making, each control room also includes the government's proprietary video conferencing solution, in order to enable smooth functioning.