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India’s Own Twitch: Game Streaming Startup Loco Partners Global eSports Giant Fnatic

India’s Own Twitch: Game Streaming Startup Loco Partners Global eSports Giant Fnatic

Loco has previously joined hands with Fnatic for 'Gaming For Good', a charity tournament, and now aims to take the association further.

Indian game streaming platform Loco has signed a deal that stands as one of the biggest of its kinds in India till date, onboarding global esports giant Fnatic as a partner on its game streaming platform. As part of the deal, Fnatic India’s gamers and streamers will live broadcast their gameplay, commentary and other content directly on Loco, thereby offering the former’s Indian audience a platform apart from global streaming majors. Being an Indian venture built by startup Pocket Aces, Loco aims to take on global rivals by offering more locally contextualised gaming content, hence targeting India’s steadily growing ecosystem of mobile gamers.

In a media statement, a Loco spokesperson has stated that through the partnership with Fnatic, the esports giant and the streaming platform will come together to host multiple tournaments and produce non-fiction shows on gaming, which may contribute significantly towards building the gaming ecosystem of India even further. With the Covid-19 pandemic enforcing a prolonged nationwide lockdown, many stakeholders have claimed that now is the right time to witness a steady growth in adoption of gaming across all corners of India. However, statistics have so far remained sketchy on what exactly might the growth figures be.

Loco’s first association with Fnatic came in the shape of a charity event titled ‘Gaming For Good’ back in April. According to Loco’s official figures, the event drew viewership of 5.8 million, which is still considerably lesser in comparison to global game streaming platforms such as Twitch. However, Loco has claimed a 50x increase in “new streamer sign-ups” over the “past few months”, which is being deemed as a positive trend.

Loco, the Indian game streaming platform, so far has more than 24 million total user registrations to date. While a Loco spokesperson said that the company “could not share” the daily or monthly active users count following a query by News18, it was stated that in the first four months of 2020, the platform witnessed 20 percent growth in new users, month on month. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if the Fnatic association helps Loco get a boost from not just India, but from game streamers in other nations as well.