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Instagram Down as Users Unable to Refresh Feed, Login Issues Also Reported

(Image source: Twitter / @barelypink)

(Image source: Twitter / @barelypink)

Many Instagram users living in the UK, Netherlands, and Germany are facing issues while refreshing Instagram feed. Users in India seem to be unaffected by the problem.

Instagram appears to be not working for users living in the European region. According to website and app outage tracker, Down Detector, Instagram users around the world started reporting issues with the platform at 10 AM today; however, it peaked by 5:30 PM as more and more users started experiencing problems. The website adds that most users are facing issues while refreshing Instagram feed (86 percent). Other Instagram users appear to be facing login-related problems.

The Facebook-owned social media platform is yet to share details as to why Instagram is not working for users, especially for those living in the European region. Countries that seemed to be affected by the partial outage include the UK, Netherlands, and parts of Germany such as Germany and Stuttgart. On the other hand, Instagram appears to be working fine for users in India, according to Down Detector. At the time of writing this article, Instagram had over 70 reports on the website. As expected, several users also took to Twitter to check whether the platform is functioning or not. While some users saw their timeline frozen, others have said that the likes and other statistics were not getting updated. "It's not refreshing, and I deleted Instagram like ten times," a user said on Twitter. Some screenshots posted on the micro-blogging site shows Instagram's home page completely blank. A user also pointed out that despite updating the app, the platform is not functioning.

Down Detector further highlights that Instagram was not working for many users last month, and the most number of reports had come on October 13 and October 22. As per comments available on the website, users had then complained about the Story feature not functioning properly. As mentioned, Instagram is yet to address the issue. More information is expected soon, and we will also update our story once the statement from the Facebook-owned company comes in.