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Instagram Gives You More Control With New Tools For Reviewing Reports And Bans

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

In case users are not satisfied with the action that Instagram has taken on any issue that they had raised, they can make use of the 'Request a Review' feature.

The Facebook-owned social media network Instagram has announced a bunch of new features to improve transparency and make the platform safer. Instagram says that one of the newly added features is called Support Requests, which show users the status of their submitted reports on other content and users, as well as the history of the same. It also allows the user to mute, block, restrict or unfollow the profiles whose content they have reported. In case a user is not satisfied by the kind of action the the social media platform has taken, they can call for a further “Request a Review” appeal for a second look at the issue.

The other big change is that Instagram will now allow users, whose accounts may have been disabled for some perceived policy and guideline violation, to appeal the ban. There have been instances where accounts have been banned but they didn't really post anything against the guidelines or something that could be classified as offensive. Instagram confirms that an option will soon be available for these disabled accounts to appeal the ban from within the app. This is expected to be rolled out in the coming days. Users will be able to “Request a Review", and hope they can access their Instagram account again.