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Instagram Introduces Voice Messaging to Direct

Instagram Introduces Voice Messaging to Direct

Facebook has it, WhatsApp has it, Voxer has it, and now Instagram Direct supports voice messaging, too.

Considering that Facebook is the parent company of both WhatsApp and Instagram, it may come as a surprise that the latter didn't get voice messaging until this week when the former has supported the feature since 2013. Of course, the photo-sharing platform has a greater focus on image-based communication over text or verbal chatting, but as users start to one-stop-shop on the ‘Gram, Facebook is serving up more Direct messaging features.

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To send a voice message, users need only to hold down the microphone icon while speaking to record a message up to a minute in length to share with a recipient. The chat then appears as an audio wave that can be listened to by either party over and over again at their leisure.

This voice integration brings a number of benefits to Insta users, especially those who need methods of communicating that offer an alternative to text. Accessibility is greatly improved, and those who use languages that are not yet compatible with smartphone keyboards can speak with friends instead of relying on impractical letters. Meanwhile, in places where using mobile data for phone calls is not possible, users can have more intimate conversations over Direct. And of course, no matter how many exclamations points you put, no symbols can demonstrate your excitement about something better than your own enthusiastic voice.

As of this week, you can send these brief voice recordings over Instagram Direct. Make sure your application is updated to the newest version to utilize the feature.