Instagram Rolling Out Guides for Everyone, Adds Keyword-Based Search for Users in Select Countries

Instagram Rolling Out Guides for Everyone, Adds Keyword-Based Search for Users in Select Countries

To check the availability of Guides, head to the profile on the Instagram app and click on the 'plus' symbol at the top left corner. The improved search feature on Instagram is available to users in select countries like the US.

Instagram has announced that the company is expanding Guides feature to more users. The feature that was rolled out to limited accounts in May this year, essentially allows a user to create article-like updates from old posts and videos including IGTV videos that can even include captions and headers to highlight a specific topic. Additionally, the Facebook-owned social media platform is improving its search feature for users in the UK, the US, Ireland, and Canada. According to The Verge, users in these regions can now search with "keywords" on Instagram that will lead them to public posts relevant to the search query. At present, Instagram users can discover public posts via the explore tab or by search with hashtags.

Starting with Guides on Instagram, the company says that the feature will rollout to everyone, therefore users are advised to update app from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To check the availability of the feature, head to your profile > Look for the '+' symbol at top left > Select Guide. If you upload a post via Guide, the Instagram profile will add a new tab, represented by a booklet icon that sits next to the IGTV or Posts/ Mention icons. Earlier this year, the platform had extended Guides to a specific group of wellness influencers such as Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone), Sudahdong NGO (@SudahDong), Klicksafe (@klicksafe), and Eenfance NGO (@eenfance). Additionally, Instagram says that Guides posts can be shared via direct messages (DMs) or as Stories. A post created with the Guide provides a long article-like layout, with multiple captions, headers, photos or videos. Similarly, when users click on the photos or videos on Guides, they redirected to the old post.

Another update that the platform has announced is the improved search feature. According to Instagram (via The Verge), the improved search uses machine learning capabilities to find the "highest quality content" that's relevant to the users' query. The company adds, "Search is limited to general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram's community guidelines."

Until now, when users search for a keyword, the platform only displays accounts of the same name. To find public posts, users either need to search through the explore tab with dedicated sections like 'travel,' 'architecture,' and so on or via relevant hashtags. The Facebook-owned company is yet to share more details over its global availability including India.

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