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International Women’s Day 2021: Five Personal Safety Apps for Women



Technology players have stepped in with innovative tech-based solutions and wearable devices that can ensure women safety

Owing to an increase in the crimes against women, in the recent past their safety has been accorded the highest priority. As women are now moving outside their homes to pursue higher education and job opportunities and travelling alone at odd hours can be quite daunting. While the government and law enforcement agencies aim to improve vigilance, technology players have also stepped in with innovative tech-based solutions and wearable devices that can ensure women safety.

Here is a look at such five best women safety apps:

Safetipin The app is one of the best women safety and it ensures personal safety and offers features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, directions to safe locations, among others. Additionally, the app also enables the users to pin unsafe areas and help others. Besides English, the app is also available in Hindi, Bahasa and Spanish.

Himmat The app is recommended for women by the Delhi Police and is a free safety app. After registering on the Delhi Police website with requisite details, in case a user gets stuck in a problematic situation, the app will let them raise a SOS alert and share the location details. Also, the audio video from smartphone will be directly transmitted to the Delhi Police control room. Upon receiving a distress alert, the police will be able to reach the location in no time.

Raksha The app comes equipped with a button that will send alerts to the user’s family with the current location in a distress situation. The users can select the contacts who will be able to see the location. Moreover, the app is also designed to work even if the phone is switched off or is non-operative, even then the user can alert their loved ones by simply pressing the volume key for three seconds. Additionally, the Raksha app has the SOS functionality that can send a SMS if the user is stuck in an area without mobile data or internet area.

Women Safety Similar to other apps, the Women Safety app is designed to share all the details related to a user in distress with just a tap of a button. The app offers the ability to send all the details of the user to a preconfigured number along with a link of Google Maps. The app is also designed to click two pictures using the mobile phones front and rear camera that will be directly uploaded to the server. It also comprises three coloured buttons which enables the user to choose the seriousness of the situation.

Smart24x7 The Smart24x7 app offers some great features, the app is not only supported by various state police departments in India, it also ensures safety of women and senior citizens. It sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in a problematic situation and simultaneously records voice and shares photographs during the panic situation that are transferred to the police as well.