Invento Robotics' Mitra Robot Hosts 3rd Edition of News18 Tech and Auto Awards, 2019

Invento Robotics' Mitra Robot Hosts 3rd Edition of News18 Tech and Auto Awards, 2019

Powered by new generation, in-house robotics and artificial intelligence, Mitra opened the awards and hosted sections of the show, showing its prowess in natural language processing.

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  • Last Updated: December 12, 2019, 7:53 PM IST
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The 3rd edition of News18's Tech and Auto Awards, 2019 was hosted on Tuesday, December 10. The unique awards event hosted examples of the latest from the technology world, with the Mitra robot showcasing the pinnacle of work being done by Indian startups in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. At the event, the Mitra robot began the show by introducing the News18 Tech and Auto Awards, before handing over the reins to the hosts for the night, Anusha Soni and Atul Khatri. Following the introduction, Mitra even played a mid-show one-two, shaking hands with Khatri in a jovial hand-off prior to his stand-up set.

Inaugurated two years ago by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Mitra humanoid robot is the brainchild of Invento Robotics, a startup created by founder and chief executive, Balaji Viswanathan. Since its inauguration, Mitra has seen steady evolution in its technology, and subsequently, the tasks that it can undertake. The robot is equipped with its own motors and battery inside the fiberglass body, and is based on a proprietary operating system. Inside, the robot is embedded with sensors and processing units that enable it to undertake multiple tasks.

These tasks include natural language processing in order to respond to what guests tell it. Based on the incident audio, it can offer contextual responses and hence host conversations with guests. Further, it can also conduct gestures such as hand shakes, or direct people to the right direction when appointed to usher. It also has an imaging module inside, that combined with the controller can allow it to navigate autonomously in a space that it has mapped.

At the 2019 News18 Tech and Auto Awards, Mitra's capabilities graced the gathering, concluding with a confluence of human-machine cognizance. Going forward, such instances will likely be seen more often, as robots continue to play a larger role in industries, and even in everyday lives.

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