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    iOS App Developers Will Have To Provide More Information on Data Tracking Starting December 8

    Apple App Store. (Image Credit: Apple)

    Apple App Store. (Image Credit: Apple)

    Apple has detailed the kind of questions developers need to answer in order to upload an app on the App Store in terms of privacy and data tracking.

    Cupertino-based giant Apple has asked developers of iOS apps to maintain better transparency in terms of user data their apps and app updates collect. The company is making it mandatory to provide information regarding apps' data tracking procedures starting December 8. This information will also be listed on the App Store for users to know what all data they will be sharing before downloading an app. The information will start showing on app listings starting later this year. The exact date is not known yet.

    Apple has already listed these changes on its Developer site. It has said that on each app’s product page, users will be able to learn about the data types an app may collect, and whether that data is linked to them or used to track them, once the changes go live. The company said that developers will need to provide information about their app's privacy practices, including the practices of third-party partners. Developers will submit all the information in Apple Store Connect.

    Among the guidelines, Apple has also mentioned some data types are optional to disclose. The company, on its Developer site, has detailed the kind of questions developers will need to answer in terms of privacy and data collection to upload an App on the App Store from December 8. Further, Apple duly warned developers that they will be responsible for keeping their responses accurate and up to date.

    All the guidelines relating to mandatory disclosure of data tracking have been detailed on Apple's Developer page.

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