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iPhone 12 Mini Launched in India at Rs 69,900; iPhone 12 at Rs 79,900, 12 Pro at Rs 1.2 Lakh, HomePod Mini at Rs 9,900 | October 13, 2020, 23:51 IST
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini were just half of the Apple iPhone story for 2020! The Pro line-up also gets a lot of new and cool stuff—these are the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These gets the Retina XDR displays, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays, larger than the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are powered by the new A14 Bionic processor and have the Pro Camera system with new camera hardware that have larger sensors and aperture as well as 5x optical zoom range. The iPhone 12 Pro will cost Rs 1,19,900 in India, iPhone 12 Pro Max from Rs 1,29,900 for 128GB variants. Sales begin from October 30.

Earlier, Apple confirmed the Apple iPhone 12 Mini is also a thing! It has a 5.4-inch display and is actually smaller than the iPhone SE. This is also 5G ready. This is the smallest phone in the iPhone 12 line-up. iPhone 12 Mini is priced at Rs 69,900 and iPhone 12 at Rs 79,900. They will both be available in India from October 30.
Oct 13, 2020 23:51 (IST)

And with that, it's a wrap on the blog from all of us at News18 Tech. Head over to for exhaustive coverage on all the new iPhones, and the slick new HomePod Mini.

Oct 13, 2020 23:49 (IST)

Okay, so that's that for tonight. New iPhone prices are here. Credit where it's due – kudos to Apple for keeping the iPhone 12 Mini within acceptable pricing range. The iPhone 11 will csrtainly get an official price cut in India now.

Oct 13, 2020 23:47 (IST)

iPhone 12 Pro to cost onward of Rs 1,19,900 in India, iPhone 12 Pro Max from Rs 1,29,900. They, too, will be available from October 30.

Oct 13, 2020 23:41 (IST)

INDIA PRICES IN: iPhone 12 Mini to cost onward of Rs 69,900 in India, iPhone 12 will cost Rs 79,900. Both of them will be available from October 30.

Oct 13, 2020 23:39 (IST)

So, that's that. The new iPhones are yet again those smartphones that you will really, really want, even if you won't need them. The iPhone 12 Pro camera is excellent for mobile videographers and photographers, which has been the case with the iPhones since forever.

Oct 13, 2020 23:38 (IST)

And here's a shot of all of Apple's present generation iPhones, including their USA prices. India prices coming up soon, people.

Oct 13, 2020 23:37 (IST)

Should you buy the iPhone 12, 12 Mini or 12 Pro? Certainly. But, it'll cost you $999 for the 12 Pro, and $1,099 for the 12 Pro Max, which means that it's time AGAIN for the kidney jokes. Maybe we need new jokes about iPhones being expensive now.

Oct 13, 2020 23:35 (IST)

Here you go, people. Here's every single thing about the all new iPhone 12 Pro. It has a super premium stainless steel finish, gets 5G, new computational photography sorcery along with 10-bit HDR video and RAW stills, and of course, the A14 Bionic.

Oct 13, 2020 23:33 (IST)

So, long story short – the iPhone 12 is far more powerful than what you'd realistically need. Unless, of course, you're Emmanuel Lubezski.

Oct 13, 2020 23:32 (IST)

Apple finally confirms us that the tiny black speck on the new camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro is indeed a LiDAR scanner. It's all about better depth gauging, which you'd expect from a LiDAR module.

Oct 13, 2020 23:30 (IST)

The iPhone 12 Pro video demo is made by none other than Emmanuel Lubezski. Just for reference, he's my all-time favourite cinematographer (and possibly the greatest of all time, ever).

Oct 13, 2020 23:28 (IST)

Now, to pro videos – 10-bit HDR video recording and Dolby Vision HDR support comes to iPhone 12 Pro. 4K60p live colour grading while recording via Dolby Vision HDR comes to the new iPhones. On paper, this can be immense for videographers.

Oct 13, 2020 23:26 (IST)

Apple ProRAW can edit RAW files in Photos app, and Apple's making an API for third party editors as well.

Oct 13, 2020 23:25 (IST)

Introducing, Apple ProRAW on the iPhone 12 Pro, to shoot in full RAW (with log data too, it seems). Okay, this just opened up a new avenue for pro filmmakers using mobiles for shooting.

Oct 13, 2020 23:23 (IST)

The iPhone 12 Pro camera gets sensor shift for optical and mechanical stabilisation. Handheld stabilised shots of up to 2s, which any time lapse photographer will tell you is super helpful.

Oct 13, 2020 23:21 (IST)

Apple rolls out Deep Fusion technology that is now on all of the iPhone 12 Pro's cameras. The new iPhone 12 Pro camera gets a 52mm telephoto camera with 4x optical zoom, the main camera gets an f/1.6 aperture 7-piece lens, and of course, an extra sensor module that they're gonna talk about now.

Oct 13, 2020 23:19 (IST)

The iPhone 12 Pro confirms 6.1-inch OLED Super Retina XDR display, iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7-inch display size. All display specs remain constant across all iPhone models.

Oct 13, 2020 23:18 (IST)

It's a luscious stainless steel finish on the iPhone 12 Pro, with Ceramic Shield, IP68 rating, and four new colours. Here they are.

Oct 13, 2020 23:17 (IST)

And here, walking in like a Daft Punk concert cameo, is the iPhone 12 Pro. 

Oct 13, 2020 23:16 (IST)

The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini are priced at $799 and $699. India prices in shortly.

Oct 13, 2020 23:16 (IST)

The iPhone 12 Mini will have everything that the iPhone 12 has. It is also super compact. YES, finally a new compact phone! It's much smaller than the iPhone 7/8/SE 2020.

Oct 13, 2020 23:14 (IST)

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Mini is unveiled... to James Bond's theme. For a while, I was half-rooting for Daniel Craig to walk out on stage.

Oct 13, 2020 23:12 (IST)

Aaaand here's the confirmation – no chargers and earphones in the iPhone 12 box. This means a slimmer box, which looks good... but what about my broken iPhone cable?

Oct 13, 2020 23:10 (IST)

Now, committing a bit to the environment, which is very important. Apple is using 100% recycled rare earth elements in manufacturing, and also vows to be 100% carbon neutral.

Oct 13, 2020 23:10 (IST)

Apple also unveils MagSafe. Re-unveils, rather. It is now a magnetic accessory ecosystem. You get wallets, chargers and a host of other accessories. Apple is also talking about third party accessories with MagSafe. It'll be interesting to see if this becomes a success, eventually.

Oct 13, 2020 23:08 (IST)

Meanwhile, an update from India: The HomePod Mini will cost Rs 9,900 in India. Preorders begin November 6, sale from November 16. This is pretty good pricing for all that the HomePod Mini can do.

Oct 13, 2020 23:06 (IST)

Apple is also adding Night Mode time lapse on the iPhone 12. It will be brilliant, as long as you have a tripod with you.

Oct 13, 2020 23:05 (IST)

And now, about the camera. The iPhone 12 gets 12MP primary and 12MP wide units, along with computational photography that enables Smart HDR 3, Night Mode with faster aperture (and even on the ultra-wide unit and the front camera).

Oct 13, 2020 23:04 (IST)

In case you are already fantasising about gaming on the iPhone 12, here's how that would look like in your hands.

Oct 13, 2020 23:02 (IST)

Now, we're seeing a demo of League of Legends: Wild Rift, to see proof of just how powerful Apple's graphics chips are on the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Mini Launched in India at Rs 69,900; iPhone 12 at Rs 79,900, 12 Pro at Rs 1.2 Lakh, HomePod Mini at Rs 9,900

This is also the first time ever that an iPhone has 5G. The iPhone 12 will switch to LTE when you don’t need high speed data and immediately switch back when you do. The iPhone 12 gets flat side spines, and gets new colours including blue, green and PRODUCT(RED). Thinner, slimmer and lighter, which Apple says is also because of the Super Retina XDR display tech, with more pixels and 2x peak brightness for HDR content.

The iPhone 12 also gets the Ceramic Shield, which has been developed in partnership with Corning, the same folks who make the Gorilla Glass seen on other smartphones. Apple iPhone 12 gets dual cameras at the back with larger pixels and wider aperture, which they say is 27 times better in low light than before. Smart HDR uses computational photography to add even more details, and it also powers the new Night Mode for ultrawide and front cameras as well.

Apple also showed off the next smart speaker, the HomePod Mini priced at $99. This integrates the Siri intelligent assistant and lets you control smart home devices. Apple says this has a full range dynamic driver and passive driver radiators as well as wave guidance to get powerful sound from a compact form factor. Apple iPhone users will use the U1 ultra-wide band chip for simpler handoff and music flow from one to the other. You will be able to use Siri on the HomePod Mini to access apps in your iPhone, such as sending a message using iMessage. Privacy remains a focus too.