iPhone 12 Users Can Download iOS Updates With 5G Network but There's a Catch

iPhone 12 Users Can Download iOS Updates With 5G Network but There's a Catch

iPhone 12 users can switch between cellular modes like Allow More Data on 5G, Standard, Low Data Mode to enjoy 5G connectivity and save battery.

Apple has revealed that the iPhone 12 series will allow users to download iOS updates with 5G connectivity. The company in its 5G support page explains that the 5G mobile data enables "higher data-usage features" for apps and system tasks including higher-quality FaceTime, high-definition content on Apple TV, Apple Music songs and videos, and iOS updates over cellular. However, some users will be required to enable the setting manually by heading to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Data Mode > select Allow More Data on 5G.

iOS download with cellular data can be a useful feature for the iPhone 12 users as other iPhone models require mandatory Wi-Fi or hotspot connections to download the new iOS updates. Apple also adds that the new Allow More Data on 5G mode would allow "third-party apps to use more cellular data for enhanced experiences." There's also a new standard mode on the iPhone 12 that enables automatic updates and background tasks on cellular for standard video and FaceTime quality. The low data mode that is present on all the iPhone models reduces Wi-Fi and cellular-data usage by pausing automatic updates and background tasks to save battery.

Additionally, Apple says that users on the 5G network should see '5G' icon on the iPhone's 12 status bar. "If you still don't have 5G service, contact your carrier," the company added. The support page further highlights that the new iPhone series does not support 5G in dual-SIM mode. However, a report recently claimed that the company plans to enable 5G support in dual-SIM mode with a software update later this year. According to MacRumors citing an internal Verizon slide, iPhone 12 users will need to remove their physical SIM cards to use the feature.

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