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iPhone 5G Update In India: How To Enable 5G On Your iPhone

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Last Updated: November 13, 2022, 16:57 IST

Delhi, India

Most of Apple's recent iPhone models do not support India's 5G network

Most of Apple's recent iPhone models do not support India's 5G network

Apple has promised that by next month all its compatible iPhone 5G models in India will be able to run the available networks after this update.

5G is now available in India, with Airtel and Jio launching their services in select cities. 5G promises 10x faster speeds than a 4G network but most brands are yet to offer the network support on its devices in India, especiall Apple which has been working with the network providers in order to test the 5G network performance on various iPhone models in India.

Apple’s older iPhone models, going up to the iPhone 12 series are compatible with 5G networks in India. And a new update from Apple will soon make 5G active on all these devices.

So, Apple just needs to push an iOS 16 update to activate 5G for its iPhones models in India. And that’s exactly what Apple is doing now, with the roll out of the iOS 16.2 beta version, which should becoem a public release by next month. So, how do you know if your iPhone model is compatible with 5G networks in India, and how does one activate the feature. We give you all the details here.

Apple iPhones That Support 5G in India

Here are the iPhone models that can run 5G in India:

- iPhone SE 2022

- iPhone 12

- iPhone 12 Mini

- iPhone 12 Pro

- iPhone 13

- iPhone 13 Mini

- iPhone 13 Pro

- iPhone 13 Pro Max

- iPhone 14

- iPhone 14 Plus

- iPhone 14 Pro

- iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 5G Support in India: How To Use 5G On iPhone

Like we said, Apple has rolled out the iOS 16.2 beta version which brings a host of new features but for iPhone users in India, they get network compatibility for 5G. Apple has promised that all its iPhones in India will support Indian 5G bands in December. So, if you have a compatible 5G-enabled iPhone and want to try out the beta version, here’s how it works:

- Go to beta.apple.com/profile website on the iPhone

- Download and install the package offered by Apple

- Go to Settings on your iPhone

- Enable the beta settings in General - VPN and Device Management, and tap on iOS 16 beta

- Head back to Settings - General - Software update to get iOS 16.2 beta for your iPhone model

- Your iPhone is now running on the beta version

- Now, go to Settings on your iPhone again

- Click on Mobile Data - Mobile Data option

- Now tap on Voice and Data where you will see 4G/5G/Auto option

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    - Select the feature so that you can use 4G or 5G networks wherever they are available

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