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iPhone Users, Your Wi-Fi Can be Disabled Forever if You’re Near This Network Name

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Last Updated: July 05, 2021, 11:05 IST

The concept render of a purported new iPhone, the iPhone SE 3. (Image: Svetapple)

The concept render of a purported new iPhone, the iPhone SE 3. (Image: Svetapple)

The latest bug discovery reveals what possibly is an iOS network stack coding error, which may cause iPhones to face this ordeal.

iPhone users, take note – your Wi-Fi access may get abruptly disabled if you encounter this Wi-Fi network name. While this may seem familiar for being a bug that was already reported some time ago, it appears that the previous bug was not a one-off. According to a new report by the same cyber security researcher, Carl Schou, while the previous bug prevented iPhones from connecting to Wi-Fi networks after encountering a Wi-Fi ID named ‘%p%s%s%s%s%n’, the new bug breaks Wi-Fi services on an iPhone by encountering a Wi-Fi SSID named ‘%secretclub%power’. However, the new bug might just be worse – while the previous bug required a user to try and connect to the network in order for Wi-Fi to get disabled on an iPhone, the new one can completely disable Wi-Fi on iPhones by the user just being in range of the latter.

According to reports, the issue likely lies in the iOS network code stack, which is flagging network names with character string sequences such as ‘%p’, ‘%s’ and ‘%n’ as bugged ones. With the latest SSID name, encountering one within range of an iPhone can completely disable Wi-Fi services on the respective device, and this in turn will not revert back by simply resetting the device’s network settings. Instead, users will be required to perform a full hard reset of the iPhone in order to enable Wi-Fi services again, therefore signifying a much greater ordeal than the previous bug. The latter disabled a user’s iPhone Wi-Fi services, which could be reverted by simply resetting the network settings.

Thankfully, the issue is now being widely reported, which mostly means that Apple will introduce a software update soon that fixes the glitch. Apple has typically always been prompt at fixing unexpected bugs in its code framework that may break certain iPhone services, particularly if it is universal in nature. Given that the bug applies to the code behind the iOS software rather than specific devices, the glitch most likely applies for all iPhone users around the world. For the time being, users are advised to disable searching for Wi-Fi networks when out in public, in order to not face such an ordeal.

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    first published:July 05, 2021, 11:05 IST
    last updated:July 05, 2021, 11:05 IST