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IQAir Health Pro 250 Review: Can You Really Put a Price on Clean Air at Home?

IQAir Health Pro 250 Review: Can You Really Put a Price on Clean Air at Home?

The IQAir Health Pro range competes with the Blueair Pro series of purifiers, and these are best for large spaces and pin-point purification accuracy.

There are air purifiers and then there are air purifiers for your home which really challenge the boundaries of technology when it comes to cleaning the air inside your home and eliminating air pollution. And keeping it that way. There are very few companies that can do it successfully, and IQAir is one of those rare and precious examples which have done exactly that. The Swiss precision and the attention to detail are exactly what these IQAir Health Pro air purifiers, premium as the price tag may suggest, are all about. Versatility is their strong point too.

The current range of the IQAir Health Pro purifiers starts with the IQAir Health Pro 100 which is priced at around Rs 1,20,000. Then there is the IQAir Health Pro 150 which costs around Rs 1,25,000. And the one that we are reviewing here, the IQAir Health Pro 250, is priced around Rs 1,40,000. These compete in a way with Blueair purifiers, specifically the Pro range of purifiers, at least as far as the price tag is concerned. The Blueair Pro L is priced at Rs 1,10,000 while the Blueair Pro XL costs Rs 1,80,000. If you have a large area indoors that needs to be covered by an air purifier, maybe a big enough hall for instance, these single units are capable of purifying large quantities of air and maintaining the AQI with ease.

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Straight off, the very design of the IQAir Health Pro 250 is what gets your attention. It makes absolutely no qualms about being a thing that will be the centerpiece of your gorgeous living room. It is all about functionality, and ease of use. And that’s pretty much it. The modular design lets you access, clean or replace the multiple filter layers. This takes in air from the underside and the clean air emerges from the 360-degree vents at the top, facing forwards. Hence the high-sitting design which allows for enough gap between the floor and the purifier, as well as the arched side panel design. For a purifier of this size, it is no surprise that the IQAir Health Pro 250 has wheels too, which makes it incredibly easy to shift this around, particularly for the regular floor cleaning. The weight of the purifier makes no difference at all, since you are not expected to carry this around. The control panel sits at the top, with a single-line display and well-marked buttons.

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The filter layers are exactly where the magic lies. I would consider myself extremely lucky that IQAir shared the Health Pro 250 with me in the run-up to some of the worst pollution days that we have seen in the Delhi NCR region in the past few years, and this helped tremendously in getting through that unscathed. What you’ll also get is a multi-stage air filtration setup.

The first is a PreMax Filter F8. A lot has to do with the design of the IQAir Health Pro 250, but that also makes the need for a pre-filter all the more pressing—the larger dust and particles are potentially sucked up by the purifier. What you get with the IQAir Health Pro 250 is a full-size glass microfiber pre-filter that really does a great job of capturing the larger dust particles. Two weeks of usage in a large hall, and the pre-filter had completely choked itself. This is perhaps why the pre-filter is extremely necessary for most purifiers, since it allows the other filter layers, including the HEPA, to focus on capturing the smaller particulate matter and not get clogged up by dust and larger particles. The second layer of filtration is provided by the V5-Cell Filter MG filter. The thickness and the weight of this has to be seen and experienced to be believed. the activated carbon eliminates VOC (volatile organic compounds), gases, fumes and odors. And if you are still wondering, this weighs as much as 2.5kg.

At the very top sits the IQAir HyperHEPA H12/13 filter. This will filter out particles as small as 0.003 microns, something not many home air purifiers can claim. This is again incredibly thick and even the most obstinate pollutants will have a tough time escaping this final layer. How do we know? We used a third-party particle meter to judge the quality of the air that was emerging from the IQAir Health Pro 250 even after the filters weren’t exactly sparkling new anymore, and the particle count in the clean air emerging from the purifier totaled up to a grand number of 0 particles. Zero. Yes, that is what it is. The maximum clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 440 cubic meter per hour.

The performance is nothing short of staggering. The IQAir Health Pro 250, with its own might, managed to keep the indoor AQI in a living room and dining room hall stabilized at around 20, when the outdoor air at the same time was upwards of 500 AQI and this being an active living room with people moving around, the little one being at her inquisitive and naughty best as well as the outdoor air regularly streaming indoors as people came and went. At night, when activity reduced, this maintained the AQI in single digits—an even bigger achievement considering the hall is L-shaped, and not exactly a simple square or a rectangle.

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At this price, you really need to be invested in the idea of clean air at home. If you already aren’t, in this day and age, it is time you make the jump. You will buy the IQAir Health Pro 250 if you are serious about buying a high-quality air purifier and have a bank account to support it. as well as a large enough room that needs to have its air purifiers all day. The good thing is that for what you spend, the performance that the IQAir Health Pro 250 exhibits is nothing short of pristine. The zero-particle count in the air emerging from inside the purifier simply tells you that these high-quality filters remain unmatched. The long life of the filters is an added bonus. Spend once, and you are sorted with clean air at home, for at least a few years.

first published:November 14, 2019, 09:57 IST