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Is This Our First Look at Android TV Being Rebranded And Repackaged to Google TV?

(Image: XDA Developers)

(Image: XDA Developers)

Oh wait, there’s more. Google may just be launching a streaming media player as well.

Codename Sabrina. Google may just be getting closer to launching its own streaming media player for HD and 4K TVs. It has been speculated that Google will launch its own Android TV device for smart TVs on the lines of the Apple TV, Xiaomi’s Mi Box 4K, Amazon Fire TV devices and Roku streaming media players—and this is the closest we may have come to that, thus far. In fact, it is also being suggested that Android TV as we know it, the software platform which powers many media players and smart TVs, may also undergo a rebrand to Google TV.

As for Sabrina, the upcoming smart TV media player from Google, the good folks over at XDA Developers have got their hands on what is believed to be the marketing material for the media player. It will have its own remote and will run a full-fledged smart TV interface, which means you won’t have to rely on your smartphone and Google Cast to watch content from steaming services, on your TV. The design does look a bit like the Chromecast Ultra dongle, and it may land in the pink, white and black colour options. Is it possible that this media streaming device, whenever it launches, could be given the Nest branding? Google has been focusing on unifying its smart home category and this could very well be a Nest branded device as well.

The report also suggests that it will support Dolby Vision, an HDR standard quite popular on content on video streaming apps such as Netflix.

Little is known about the possible interface layout that the software on Sabrina will offer. But whatever little info is available does indicate that it will be content focused—including Live TV in countries where there are compatible services available such as YouTube TV, to go with the TV shows and movies. We could get a similar update for all existing Android TV devices as well.

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