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JioPhone Next to Sell From Sep 10, Jio 5G Achieved 1Gbps Test Speed: Highlights from RIL AGM 2021


Last Updated: June 24, 2021, 15:43 IST

JioPhone Next to Sell From Sep 10, Jio 5G Achieved 1Gbps Test Speed: Highlights from RIL AGM 2021

The RIL AGM 2021 is expected to give us new information around Jio 5G, and characteristic affordability is slated to remain under spotlight.

The 44th annual general meeting of Reliance Industries has concluded, giving us a showcase of where Reliance Jio, the leading telecom operator of India, stands at the moment. Among the key announcements were JioPhone Next, the new budget smartphone that Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has promised will be the most affordable of its kind. It runs on Android, which has been specially optimised for it to ensure smooth usage. Ambani also touched upon 5G, stating that the technology is ready for deployment, and reached 1Gbps speeds in its trial phase. He also highlighted the growth of JioMart as a strong retail grocery chain, promising the onboarding of 1 crore merchants over the next year, to digitise their services. Below lies a time-wise breakdown of all the key highlights concerning Reliance Jio and Jio Platforms at RIL AGM 2021.

[Update at 3:25PM]: Jio has 100 percent original IP in cutting edge new technologies such as 5G, AI, ML and relevant areas, confirms Ambani. Talking about retail, Ambani confirms that Ajio, the online e-commerce platform, contributes to 25 percent of RIL’s total apparel business. The electronics retail division sells over 1.2 lakh devices across the country, per day. JioMart reported over 6.5 lakh orders in a single day, and already registers 80 percent regular shoppers on the platform. Ambani underlines how over 3 lakh shopkeepers across 150 cities have onboarded JioMart to digitise their businesses. Notes 3x growth in kirana orders, promises to onboard over 1 crore merchant partners over the next year.

[Update at 3:20PM]: JioFiber has crossed 30 lakh subscribers, added over 20 lakh new homes through the pandemic times as well. Now reaches over 1.2 crore homes and businesses across 100 cities. Now, to Jio 5G, which is fully made in India. Ambani says he is “confident" that Jio 5G will be the first to launch full fledged 5G services. Jio already working with leading companies around the world to offer global standard devices with 5G connectivity.

[Update at 3:15PM]: Google and Alphabet CEO announces that Jio Platforms will move its operations to Google Cloud, to expedite the transition to 5G services and technologies. With Facebook, Ambani says JioMart trial on WhatsApp is “encouraging, along with lots of valuable feedback." Plans to “progressively launch" in the next quarters. With Microsoft, Jio notes the use of Azure Cloud in its energy sector services.


[Update at 3:10PM]: Ambani launches JioPhone Next, jointly developed by Jio and Google. Features voice assistant, auto read-aloud of screen text, language translation, smart camera with AR filters and much more. Features a specially optimised version of Android with all Google Play Store apps compatible. To be available in India from September 10.

[Update at 3:05PM]: Mukesh Ambani turns to Jio now, after showcasing the new green energy efforts of RIL. Jio is the 2nd largest in the world, and saw 45 percent growth in data traffic last year to hit 630 crore GB of data consumed every month. Jio has made Rs 57,123 crore investment in additional spectrum to improve its services, and today offers the most affordable 4G broadband network in the world. However, 30 crore 2G users still remain in India, says Ambani. This requires an ultra affordable 4G smartphone in the country, he says.

[Update at 2:40PM]: After a showcase on the efforts by the Reliance Foundation, Mukesh Ambani underlines Facebook, Google, Intel Capital and Qualcomm Ventures among its “marquee investors". Ambani also highlights net subscriber base of over 42.5 crore users under Jio Platforms, with an addition of 3.79 crore subscribers in 2020-21.

[Update at 2:20PM]: Nita Ambani showcases HerCircle and a dedicated challenge to enable the digital empowerment of women leaders across all spheres.

[Update at 2:15PM]: The RIL AGM 2021 is underway, with chairman Mukesh Ambani delivering an opening keynote by touching upon its Covid-19 relief efforts. Nita Ambani, director of Reliance Industries and founder-chairperson of Reliance Foundation, announces commencement of Jio Institute from 2021, as well as scholarship for artificial intelligence from this year, to aid education for the underprivileged and deserving.

Reliance Jio is expected to get a number of key announcements at the 44th annual general meeting of Reliance Industries Limited. At RIL AGM 2021, Jio announcements are expected to give India much awaited details around the advent of Jio 5G, while market excitement has remained in anticipation of more affordable hardware that promises to bring consumer technologies to everyone. Over the past few years, Reliance Jio has scaled meteoric growth, and evolved from being only a telecom operator to being an overall leader of technology in India.

At the centre of its growth has been the welcoming of global technology giants such as Facebook and Google as investors and strategic partners. With Facebook, Jio has in its list of partners one of the most impactful companies in the world, which encapsulates Jio’s key ideology of offering connectivity for all. With Google too, Jio has a partner that offers the most used mobile operating system in the world – Android, and handles the world’s biggest and open information portal – Google Search. All of these are expected to culminate in key announcements today, as Jio continues to evolve as a major technology player not just in India, but across the world.

Reliance Jio has contributed heavily to India’s digital transformation, and will continue to do so by bringing 5G services for everyone. Hardware launches will also be attuned to a 5G and connectivity forward ideology, and more details are set to come our way through the RIL AGM 2021. The 44th RIL AGM is also set to give us a vision of how one of India’s biggest and most impactful companies plans to go forward in terms of leading the country in world class innovation.

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