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JioGlass, Jio 5G Will Let You Visit Monuments, Attend Work, Meet People – All From Home

JioGlass, Jio 5G Will Let You Visit Monuments, Attend Work, Meet People – All From Home

JIoGlass' mixed reality interface can be crucial to enable interactive learning among students.

Among the key technology announcements held at the recently concluded RIL AGM 2020, one of the biggest highlights was JIoGlass. The innovative product was unveiled as a prime example of how devices can make the most of Jio’s latest technologies. With Jio becoming the first operator in India to unveil 5G technologies, JioGlass is expected to be the facilitator of features such as remote web meetings, interactive conferences and interactive education for students.

JioGlass is a lightweight, affordable mixed reality headset, that only requires connection through a single cable to operate. The augmented reality interface is at par with most global services, and uses an intuitive approach to make a new, novel technology approachable for everyone. At the AGM, RIL stated that the JioGlass platform already has 25 compatible apps, which can enable users to host actions such as remote educations, holographic interactions and more.

For education, JioGlass can enable users to select specific subjects for students to study. The interface will be similar to that of other virtual reality platforms, which will make use of the space around you to give a highly immersive approach. Upon selecting a subject, the content in it shall appear in interactive form. The best example of this interactive approach was shown in a subject such as geography, wherein monuments can appear in front of students in a fully interactive 3D form. This makes it more interactive and fun, in comparison to simple 2D images. This can also be crucial in subjects such as biology, where the interactive interface can be beneficial to understand a subject.

In healthcare technology, such an immersive format can become key to enabling remote doctor sessions. This can be particularly important in enabling remote presence of doctors in areas such as surgeries or critical treatments, where specialised doctors can join hospital sessions from anywhere in the world. The interactive interface, based on uninterrupted, high bandwidth 5G services, can become crucial in spreading the reach of specialised treatments to not just hospitals, but across India.

With JioGlass’ innovative use of 5G, it will be interesting to see how the new product pushes the boundaries of adapting new technology among consumers.

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