JioMart-WhatsApp Partners to Bring Kirana Stores Online, Include Electronics in Future

JioMart-WhatsApp Partners to Bring Kirana Stores Online, Include Electronics in Future

JioMart will use WhatsApp as the platform to onboard local kirana store operators and bring them online.

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  • Last Updated: July 15, 2020, 3:51 PM IST
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At the recently concluded Annual General Meeting by Reliance Industries, Jio Platforms played a key role, taking up the majority of RIL’s biggest announcements. Part of it is JioMart, which is now primed to expand steadily in India’s hyperlocal retail space. JioMart, which already piloted a debut project with JioMart in 200 select cities, is now set to expand to more areas across India, and will use its strategic partnership with Facebook to use WhatsApp as a medium to bring kirana stores online.

At the RIL AGM, Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of RIL, stated that WhatsApp’s reach of over 400 million users in India will help in JioMart expanding to various corners. Jio will use Reliance’s existing retail expertise and network to further promote the onboarding of offline, small kirana stores on to a digital platform, which will further help them to expand their businesses. JioMart’s primary focus right now will remain on expanding its presence in the groceries segment, and will expand to include more industries in the future. Part of industries to be targeted include electronics, which will be onboarded on JioMart at a later stage.

According to the announcements, JioMart will offer a free Covid-19 care kit to all new users for their first order on JioMart. The grocery delivery platform will squarely target in bringing offline businesses online, and states that it takes only 40 minutes to convert a traditional, offline kirana store into updated, hyperlocal online stores. This will streamline the ability for individuals to order all their requirements from local shops, which can improve customer experience and also reduce order delivery wait times.

JioMart will expand in India alongside JioMeet, which will offer a holistic platform to expand Jio Platforms’ work in the healthcare and education technology areas. JioMart is already expanding rapidly to come to more cities across India.

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