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JioMeet is the Perfect Tool to Help MSMEs in Times of Remote Working

JioMeet is the Perfect Tool to Help MSMEs in Times of Remote Working

With a free app offering up to 100 people video conferences, JioMeet is the ideal tool for small and medium conferences working from home.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still persistent around the world, small enterprises are among the worst hit everywhere. With workplaces largely shifting to remote locations, these small and medium enterprises now have the added headache of catering to the technical needs of their workers. Since small organisations typically do not have the financial might to invest heavily in IT tools like larger organisations, they typically rely on free and open source software to cater to their requirements. With video conferencing being a key requirement of today, JioMeet is the perfect answer that fills this void.

Unveiled for all earlier this month, JioMeet is a leading Indian video conferencing software that has been built keeping Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vocal for local call in mind. A leading example of atmanirbhar Bharat, JioMeet has come forth to offer a service that brings to users the best features from the world’s leading video conferencing apps, but does so without users needing to pay a hefty sum. This can be crucial for MSMEs in India, since they may not have enough funds to take up enterprise subscriptions of leading video conferencing software, the amount for which can lead up to thousands every week.

The cost factor is not the only thing that makes JioMeet suited for enterprise use. It comes with robust encryption standards, as well as the ability to scale up to 100 participants in each video conference call. With such a flexible platform, companies can actually choose to host cross-department meetings as well as press conferences on JioMeet, all without needing to pay hefty subscription fees. This, coupled with an intuitive interface and a secure platform to communicate over, makes JioMeet one of the very best video conferencing apps that a small organisation can rely upon.

The other factor that helps JioMeet reinstate its position in the Indian video conferencing industry is the versatility of the platform. JioMeet is already available across nearly all platforms and for all users – its app is available on Google Play Store on Android, Apple App Store on iOS, macOS and Windows app stores, as well as a browser app. With such a flexible platform at hand, JioMeet is the ideal video conferencing platform that small and medium businesses can put their faith on.

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