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JioMeet Set to Enable Remote Services in Education, Healthcare Across India


Last Updated: July 16, 2020, 19:38 IST

JioMeet Set to Enable Remote Services in Education, Healthcare Across India

JioMeet is a key enabler of remote services in India, and will help shape next generation collaborative services in education and healthcare.

JioMeet has received a major boost at the recently concluded RIL AGM 2020. The video conferencing service, which is India’s first and only cloud-based video conferencing platform, is set to play a key role in executing the digital transformation goals that Jio Platforms has set for the immediate future. While central to all plans is the rollout of Jio 5G, JioMeet will play the role of purveyor of all key technologies in Jio Platforms’ future plans.

One of the key areas where JioMeet will boost the Indian economy is education. With the Covid-19 pandemic teaching us the importance of remote learning, JioMeet can be the answer to improve both the reach and the quality of education in India. Through JioMeet, teachers can reach out to far wider areas of the country, and impart education to students for whom education may have been hard to reach to, physically. Being a service that does not come with expensive subscription plans, JioMeet can be easily availed by many, and being a versatile app, can be used on a massive variety of devices.

JioMeet can also be used to develop remote teacher training programmes. Using JioMeet, teachers can get specialised training across a wide variety of topics, hence bringing diversified courses to the fingertips of every individual. JioMeet can further enable interactive learning for students. Using this, students can, for instance, get deep dives into topics that would have otherwise been simply represented in 2D pictures.

In healthcare, JioMeet can play the all important role of enabling remote doctor consultations in distant fringes. Remote medical services can be critical to the overall wellbeing, and in regions that are difficult to be reached on foot, can be a lifesaver service. Even in places that can be reached, JioMeet can offer instantaneous doctor services, thereby proving to be critical in nature. Paired with 5G, JioMeet’s versatile platform can also enable doctors to be present in critical hospital situations remotely, thereby saving time and offering the ever-important expertise that medical professionals bring to the table.

With such emphatic benefits at hand, JioMeet is all set to transform existing remote service technologies, and take them to the next level by offering a seamless platform that can be used by thousands in tandem.

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