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Kids Have This Really Cool Trick With Apple AirPods to Talk Without Actually Speaking

Kids Have This Really Cool Trick With Apple AirPods to Talk Without Actually Speaking

Millennials can be so cool and adorable. At times. And oh, this trick works with all AirPods generations and any phone they are paired with.

Vishal Mathur
  • News18
  • Last Updated: January 27, 2020, 9:26 AM IST
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How many times have you felt that teenagers have a better grasp of technology than most of us? As it turns out, we can add the latest episode to that rather elaborate list. Apparently, teens and kids are using the Apple AirPods wireless earbuds to have conversations without having to actually speak. Like we do, you know, by moving our lips, straining the vocal cords in our throat and sound emerging from our mouth as words are strung together into sentences….anyway. It seems that pairing the AirPods with a text-to-speech app on their phones gets the job done.

It has been revealed thanks to a TikTok video shared by @_leilanaawhich shows how the smart teens are chatting in classrooms without even saying a word. Basically, it’s a guide on “how to have conversations in class. The first step is to trade either AirPods earbud with a friend. Then, open the Google Translate app in your phone and type something in it and then press play. And voila, the message you wanted to communicate will be spelt out by the Translate app to the friend who is wearing your Apple AirPods earbud in his or her ear.

Millennials can be so cool and adorable. At times.

Or is it that teens caught on, albeit belatedly as is their usual modus operandi, to something Apple advertised way back in 2017 in one of its adverts for the AirPods. That advert showed two strangers sharing AirPods earbuds on the street, so that they could dance to a tune they clearly love.

If you are apprehensive about trading AirPods earbuds and the earwax as well as hygiene issues that may come with it, you are most certainly not a teen. And no, there is nothing wrong with you.

But this could actually just be something that could become a big business. One could envision this sort of methodology being used in meetings and boardrooms, for instance. You see people wearing AirPods at airports, hotels, during commutes, even your cab driver has one, the cashier at the convenience store and your hairdresser, all seem to have AirPods. And there could be a whole ecosystem of apps that could feed this. Just as a sidenote, a research by event ticketing platform TickPick last year had indicated that 17% of Americans who also own AirPods like to wear them while having sex.

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