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Koo Downloads Grew 4x in 6 Months, Policies to Adapt in Due Course: App Founder

Koo Downloads Grew 4x in 6 Months, Policies to Adapt in Due Course: App Founder

Koo has finally crossed the landmark of 3 million app downloads, after six months of ranking second in the MyGov aatmanirbhar app challenge.

Koo has received an understandable boost thanks to its latest adoption by central government ministers. Speaking to News18, founder Mayank Bidawatka has revealed that over the past six months, since the announcement of Koo being one of the winners of the MyGov Aatmanirbhar App Challenge, downloads for the app has grown 4x. With the latest boost that India’s own Twitter clone has received from ministers signing up on the platform, Koo has now crossed gross downloads of 3 million, and Bidawatka says that he naturally expects the growth pace of his app to continue at a steeper, more exponential pace in the next few months.

Bidawatka further added that in the coming time, the Koo app will expectedly undergo a few changes as it matures into a more engaged ecosystem. “New policies will be necessitated in the due course of time. We aim to meet all guidelines and regulations issued by the central government, and maintain the overall sanctity of our platform, so a natural course of changes may come about in the due course of time,” Bidawatka added. He further confirmed that as of now, there have been no communication from the Indian government to Koo in terms of operating policies, or any guideline as such.

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Back when Koo first made news after being ranked as one of the top made in India apps, Bidawatka had projected Koo’s adoption among politicians in India as one of the biggest scopes of its growth. In a previous interview with News18, he had said, “There is certainly a large amount of interest in following key personalities and listening to what these people are saying among our users. It is this gap that we are targeting, and we believe that the scope of organic growth in this space is great in India, as more people come online in the country.”


He had further underlined the rationale behind a platform like Koo, saying, “A personality like PM Modi would not want to associate with a platform like TikTok. However, a platform like Koo can give him good scope to reach out to his vernacular followers, such as those who speak Gujarati.” His projection appears to have come good, after union ministers announced a wider adoption of Koo to reach out on social media services.

Twitter, on which Koo is modelled, is at an inflection point with the Indian government, after reports claimed that the platform has refused to keep banned individuals that the Indian government had requested to censor. However, with the urban population still heavily centred on Twitter in terms of micro-blogging platforms, it may take a fair amount of time before Koo becomes a platform of major consequence. The expedited push by India’s ministers will help Koo on this note, even though Bidawatka refused to share monthly active users count that his app is seeing at the moment.