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Krikey Launches Yaatra, a Made in India AR Game on iOS, Android with Reliance Jio

Krikey Launches Yaatra, a Made in India AR Game on iOS, Android with Reliance Jio

Made by Indian startup Krikey, Yaatra is an immersive combat augmented reality game; it has been backed in Series A funding by Reliance Jio, so far receiving total funding of $22 million.

Krikey, an augmented reality mobile gaming company, has seized upon the growing mobile gaming ecosystem of India to offer Indian gamers its debut game, Yaatra. The game is an augmented reality showcase, and allows users to traipse the real world augmented inside the game to present a super engaging and entertaining storyline and combat. The startup and its game development efforts have been led by Reliance Jio, which led its series A funding of $22 million (approx. Rs 162 crore).

The Yaatra game has been debuted on both Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Play Store, and is available to download for all, for free. The game is an action-adventure title, which players can delve into using augmented reality that makes use of phone cameras. The main objective is to use traditional Indian weapons such as chakras, the bow and arrow, as well as lightning and fire bolts, to take on a threatening monster army in the surroundings. The game has multiple levels of combat and puzzle gameplay, which users can cover to reach the end objective.

Yaatra by Krikey also has plenty of in-game collectibles and items that can be used to level up skill and improve on the engaging gameplay. The game has been launched in partnership with Reliance Jio, and users of the leading Indian telecom operator will get added benefits in the game such as a 3D avatar feature, free gameplay tokens to unlock weapons and character powers, and multiple game levels. Speaking at the launch of the game, Krikey’s founders, Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram said, “Our vision with Krikey is to bring together inspiration and reality in an immersive way. With augmented reality, we are able to bring fantasy worlds into your home, straight through the window of your mobile phone.”

Also speaking at the occasion was Anant Ambani, director of Reliance Jio. Ambani said, “Krikey will inspire a generation of Indians to embrace Augmented Reality. Our vision is to bring the best experiences from across the world to India, and the introduction of Yaatra is a step in that direction. Augmented Reality gaming takes the user into a world of its own, and we invite every Jio and non-Jio user to experience AR through Yaatra.”

The game is now live on both Apple and Google’s platforms, and signifies a milestone in the saga of mobile gaming in India.

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